1. Chad

    Melvin had a meeting with Braun and moving too right and he is open too it. I have a feeling Aoki is going to be traded. Especially since the Brewers are so high on Davis.

    • Joey

      The OF is the only true strength in Milwaukee, taking a piece like Aoki away would remove a large part of that advantage. A move like that would reduce the OF to average and simply make a poor infield still sub-par at best, assuming they would move in that direction. Why negate a strength? For the sake of making a trade ‘just because’?

      • Brewer Nation

        Because you have a logjam right now by way of having depth at that position. In my opinion you don’t trade Aoki “just because”. You only trade him if you can get fair value in return. Assuming value is offered for Aoki, in the end it’s a philosophical question of whether you want those at-bats going to a 32-year-old slap hitting veteran who might not be back in 2015 or a possible impact bat who is cheap(er) and controllable for a few years.

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