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Monday Musing: 100 Game Starting Pitchers

With apologies and a shout out to Kyle Lobner‘s long-running “Thursday Thinker” series over at SBNation’s Brew Crew Ball, I decided to create a Sporcle quiz based on something to do with the Milwaukee Brewers.

That’s because I was recently reminded that earlier this season a Brewers starting pitcher achieved a significant round number.

That pitcher is Wily Peralta. That round number is games started (by a pitcher) in Milwaukee Brewers franchise history.

Peralta became the 21st pitcher to start at least 100 games for this franchise which seemed like a relatively small amount given that one needs roughly 3.5 healthy seasons to accomplish it. I was intrigued as to how it compared to the rest of the active franchises in baseball so I spent some time looking that up. More on that in a future column, but for the sake of some fun let’s see how strong your trivia muscles are feeling this morning.

If the embedded quiz doesn’t work (since this is my first time trying to do one), or if you just prefer to, click here to play the quiz on Sporcle.