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Legends of the Field Giveaway #2



We gave away four autographed photos in our last contest featuring Jean Segura, Yovani Gallardo, and Scooter Gennett.

Next week Monday, my sponsor and I will be giving away the three autographed baseballs pictured below.


Clockwise from upper left: Tyler Thornburg, Jean Segura, Rickie Weeks


This is a social media contest, and as such there are two ways to enter. You must be following both Legends of the Field and the Brewer Nation on Twitter (respectively: @lotfautographs & @BrewerNation) and/or like both of our pages on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/legendsofthefield & http://www.facebook.com/BrewerNation)

Note: There will be one ball guaranteed to go to a Twitter entrant and one ball guaranteed to go to a Facebook entrant. If you want a chance at all three baseballs, you must enter the contest on both platforms.

Then, once you’re in…

Find this tweet and retweet it:

Like this post on Facebook:

That’s it! We’ll select the winners at random on Monday, March 31st…just in time for OPENING DAY!!!

What better way to commemorate the start of a new season than with a new addition to your autograph collection from your trusted source of Brewers memorabilia, Legends of the Field?

Good luck and GO BREWERS!!


Thank You “Four” Reading, Fellow Brewers Fans


Announced earlier today, you all have spent enough of your time clicking on my various links to make me the 4th most read fan blog in the entire MLBlogs.com universe!

I’m humbled and honored each and every time my hit counter ticks up and am thrilled by the advances the blog made over the last couple of years.

In 2011, I really got into heavy use of social media sites for conversation and the blog slogged through a very low content year but still managed to finish 64th overall. With a renewed dedication from me in 2012 and response from you all in kind, I was able to finish all the way up in the 8th position. I maintained and built upon my work last year and you increased your support again.

There are some true juggernauts ahead of me in the fan rankings so 2014 will need to blow away 2013 if I’m to advance again. I’ll be here blogging and I’ll appreciate any time you spend reading (or at least clicking) throughout the calendar year.

Thank you so much!

Thank You, Brewer Nation!


Please allow me to inflate all of your egos for a few minutes.

But first a brief story.

At some point in 2010 I fell away from blogging actual content. It became a chore and I was really getting into Twitter. It’s actually comical how few new posts I wrote in 2011 and I fell to being the 64th most-read “Fan Blog” in the network. Part of the reason for that was my twitter account (@BrewerNation) having gained a modest following and it simply being easier to blast my thoughts out in 140 characters or less than taking the time to sit, write, find pictures, grab supporting information, etc.

This game deserves more than that, in my opinion. The Brewers deserved more than that, in my opinion. As I would disseminate news, I would have to tweet three or four times to get all of the related information posted. Getting back to blogging has allowed me to have a point of reference for events and milestones and has allowed me to flex my creative muscle from time to time among all of the news items.

This year I finished as the eighth-most-read fan blog and it honestly feels pretty darn good.

I’ve always said that part of the reason I decided to start blogging in the first place was because as a fan who constantly seeks information about his favorite team in his favorite sport, I would be finding out most of what I share anyway. And why should I keep that to myself? Why not start a Facebook profile to provide a community to foster discussion among friends? Why not start a Twitter feed so that people can simply follow along if they want to to save themselves a few minutes of searching for any pertinent Brewers-related happenings?

It began when I decided to bring back my “Brewers By the (Jersey) Numbers” season preview series. It wasn’t always to make each deadline but setting the same helped keep me honest in the goal to get back to blogging on a consistent basis. It took time to build

In short, while I do this to scratch an itch of my own and I’d keep blogging even if no one read them…it sure is a whole lot more fun having everyone else along for the ride from time to time.

Brewers fans are awesome and I’m proud to count myself among our numbers. We fill Miller Park, nobody tailgates like us, we’re passionate, informed (more or less…but I’m trying to help in that regard), and players consistently say that our energy and enthusiasm is felt and appreciated. That’s pretty cool. That some of you out there would give my little space here at MLBlogs.com a sliver of that energy is humbling and appreciated.

Thank you for following, reading, being my “friend”, commenting, interacting, messaging, emailing, listening (when we actually record the occasional podcast), and making this labor of love more love than labor.

The number 8 is one that will likely adorn the facade at Miller Park one day. I will take immense pride in representing the #8 proudly throughout 2013 in the MLBlogs.com Network. But without you reading my content and being interested in the Brewers, it simply wouldn’t have happened.

For that, I say “Thank you, Brewer Nation!”

Here’s to a successful 2013 on the field for the Brewers. If that translates to something here for me…well, that’d be alright too.


Come Meet Us (and More Important/Interesting People) at a Special Miller Park Event!

By: Big Rygg 

I teased this a bit on Twitter (http://twitter.com/BrewerNation) the other day, but the official announcement can now be made!
Have you been trying to pick out a date to attend a Brewers game at Miller Park this spring but haven’t been able to decide? Well allow me to make that decision MUCH easier for you!
On Saturday, May 14, 2011 there will be a special event happening at Miller Park prior to the game against the Pittsburgh Pirates. You’ll have the opportunity to meet Brewers Assistant General Manager Gord Ash, WTMJ radio personality and Milwaukee’s favorite baseball daughter Trenni Kusnierek, and SI.com’s Injury Expert Will Carroll who authors the Under The Knife column.
Also, some of the top Milwaukee Brewers bloggers will be joining in the fun and festivities! South Side Rob and I will be there along with members of a handful of other Brewers blog sites!
All of the details can be found by following the link below but it should be an amazing time at a very special event that doesn’t exactly happen at Miller Park too often.
Credit needs to be be given where due, so let me point out that Will Carroll was the driving force behind getting this all set up. He mentioned on Twitter that he was looking to do a bit of summer baseball touring and asked if any bloggers of individual teams would like to assist him. I was the only person from Milwaukee to reach out and we began to set up details for the event.
Will got Gord to agree to come and speak and then reached out to Trenni as well. I was to be the main motivator behind getting people to come. I know that the Brewer Nation is strong and will fill this event up in no time!
That is to point out that space is limited for this unique opportunity. So enough with the reading already! Get over to the website and purchase your opportunity right now!
The best part is that you can get into this event whether you have tickets for the game that afternoon yet or not! Just make sure you select the appropriate option when ordering your tickets.
So come be a part of the fun! Again, space is limited so secure your opportunity right away!!
(And no, there is no financial gain in this for me. Just the same chance as you to meet the celebrity types and also to meet more members of the Brewer Nation!)
Here is that link:


Latest Podcast Available for Download!

By: Big Rygg

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages…

The most recent edition of the Brewer Nation podcast (recorded on Wednesday, January 6, 2010) is available to download.

Right-click the link below to download the podcast and tell us what you think after you’ve listened to it!

Brewer Nation Podcast

As always, you can email the show at brewernation@gmail.com, follow @BrewerNation on Twitter, become our friend on Facebook and/or MySpace too!

Brewer Nation To Start Roto League !!!

by South Side Rob

I’m leaving town and will be back on Monday to give as many details as I can jot down at that time.

What I do know is that this will be a rotisserie league and NOT a fantasy league. Also, once your team is selected, that’s it. There will be no trades or free-agent moves made. This is commonly known as “BUY AND DIE”. The cost to play will be low (see below) so nobody will have to miss a car payment in order to play. There are some details to be worked out such as where we will auction as this has to be a “live” auction and cannot be done online so readers in the Milwaukee area are probably our only candidates to join us (Sorry about that).

I’d like this to be National League teams only. If we get more than 10 entries, then we’ll consider a mixed league. It will be a traditional rotisserie league with a few wrinkles that will make it very fun for the casual baseball fan as well as die hard baseball fans. This will also be an auction draft and the draft order will consist of selecting a team out of a hat and going down the entire roster so there will be no draft order and there is no way to determine which teams will be auctioned off first or last. Stats will accumulate on June 1st till the end of the regular season. All stats accumulated prior to June 1st will NOT COUNT. If we have just a few teams, we will take a vote to eliminate a few National League teams to keep from every team having All-Star caliber rosters. The stats we’ll track will be the traditional 5X5 which is runs scored, home runs, runs batted in, steals, and batting average for hitters and Wins, saves, strikeouts, earned run average, and WHIP (walks + hits / innings pitched). We’ll use either $260 or $280 auction dollars but I’m thinking we’ll only charge $50 to play that will be due on the day of the auction (no exceptions).

Stay tuned for my Monday article. Suggestions will also be welcome. Readers of the Brewer Nation are all invited to join us. If we get more than 16 people interested, then, we’ll have to do some sort of first come, first in basis. Again, stay tuned as I discuss this with Big Rygg and Cary as to how we’ll proceed…