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Okay, so the latest on the MLB Rumor Central is that the Brewers and Pirates are making the strongest pushes for Suppan, with Suppan’s agent having already received one offer and expecting a second offer soon.

There is also talk that the several teams that don’t win the Barry Zito sweepstakes would be interested in Suppan after Zito chooses to sign somewhere.

Two quick hits here:

1. First, the reported salary range for Suppan talk has reached 4 yrs, $40+ million. I don’t think that the Brewers would want to spend that kind of money on a Jeff Suppan. *Note, I didn’t say "on Jeff Suppan" because, honestly, he isn’t a superbly spectacular pitcher. He is a good pitcher, but not an ace.

2. If there are many other teams that are willing to spend the money on Zito (which in this market is probably going to be $13-15 million per), then I think if we don’t get Suppan signed before Zito signs, then we aren’t going to sign him at all.

So, what would you all like to see the Crew do on this one?

As always, any/all thoughts and comments are appreciated.



    I like that the Brewers are going after Suppan. He’s expensive, but worth it to a point. 10 mil a year? Not so much, but better him pitching for us than against us.

    On the other side of things is our right field. How much is a semi-power/.300 hitting rightfielder worth? About 10 million-ish? Well, that’s what we have right now. Jenkins hit .306 against righties. Mench hit .302 against lefties. A straight platoon seems expensive at 7 and 3 million respectively, but if it translates to .304, 25, and 100, then I say straight platoon.

  2. Rob

    I say, “Wait for the free-agent market to dry up!” Why spend $40 million over 4 years for an average 32-year old pitcher, why not spend $100 million over 6 years for an above-average left-handed starting pitcher?

    I think Melvin will do better once trading picks back up right before or even during spring training.

    Remember, we have 9 outfielders on the 40-man roster. Even if we send down three (Gwynn, Nix, and Anderson), we will not open the season with six outfielders on the active roster.

    Somebody has to be moved before opening day…

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