I have this friend named Doug, and he likes your friend: Jeff…


Earlier today, GM Doug Melvin confirmed to the press that he is interested in the possibility of signing post-season stud, and career Brewer killer, Jeff Suppan to a contract. This is the same Jeff Suppan who is being pursued by a number of teams.

Let’s first analyze Mr. Suppan…

Jeffrey Scot (Yes, one ‘t’) Suppan was born on January 2, 1975 which makes him 31 years old (32 soon, and therefore all of the 2007 season.

Suppan has been in the major leagues since 1995, when he pitched all of 22.2 innings, included 3 starts. A model of consistency, he then pitched exactly the same number of innings in 1996, and gave up the exact same number of hits (29) as the previous year.

But, enough about the distant past! (Hey, this let’s me skip analyzing those years in Kansas City, right?)

Let’s cut right to 2004, Suppan’s first season with the Cardinals. He went 16-9 in 31 starts, throwing a solid 188.0 IP. His ERA was a serviceable 4.16 that season.

In 2005, Suppan enjoyed his best ERA season as a full time starter, holding himself down to a 3.57 ERA in 194.1 IP over 32 starts. That was while compiling a 16-10 record.

And last year, Suppan didn’t have as many decisions, only amassing 12 wins coupled with 7 losses. He started another 32 times last years, tossing 190.0 IP.

You know what stat I think I like the best? Over the past three years, Suppan has allowed the following walk totals: 65, 63, 69 respectively. Into IP of 188.0, 194.1 and 190.0, those are some nice BB/IP ratios.

Which brings us to the intangibles…

Suppan has great career numbers against the Brewers, with 2006 seeing him only win 1 game, but not lose in 5 starts against the Crew. His ERA was 2.57. The only non-"quality" start he had against Milwaukee came in June, when he gave up 5 ER in just 4.0 IP thanks to three Brewer homers.

Other than that blip? A total of 4 ERs over 27.1 IP. He only gave up one more HR all season to us.

As far as pressure situations, let’s review his NLCS MVP performance, shall we?

Suppan’s stats in two starts were 15.0 IP, 1 ER, 0.60 ERA with a 0.73 WHIP.

Yeah…he pitched that well.

Look, I don’t know whether or not we are going to be able to sign Suppan (based on whether or not he’d be interested in coming here), but the numbers don’t lie. He’s a solid pitcher who will give 30+ starts. And with his DEFINITE edge in certain key problem areas over Mr. IP Doug Davis, I’d be more than happy with Suppan as our #3.

One comment

  1. Rob

    I’m thinking Melvin needs to be very careful going after Suppan. Let me explain.

    Granting Cappuano just a one-year deal would be costly so I expect the Brewers to offer a multi-year deal.

    With the emergence of Villanueva and Gallardo, how many years do we want to offer a free-agent starting pitcher?

    I think they want Villanueva and Gallardo to get one more year down in the minors and if so, starting pitching should be solid for the Brewers in the next 2-3 years!

    This also gives Mark Rogers another year. I like the way the Brewers are grooming their young arms.

    It wasn’t long ago where the Brewers wrecked all the arms down in the minors. Remember JM Gold? Nick Nugabauer? etc…

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