Brewers By the (Jersey) Numbers to Begin Soon

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We’ve done it! We’re inside the century mark as just 99 days remain until Opening Day at Miller Park on Monday, March 31st!

As I’ve done the last two seasons consecutively (and before that as well), I’ll be counting down to Opening Day by way of the jersey numbers assigned to members of the Brewers 40-man roster along with some non-roster invitees to Spring Training.

On their respective days, I’ll take a look at a player’s 2013 season, preview their fortunes for 2014, predict where they’ll begin the season (starter, bench, Triple-A, etc), and many other things. It’s been a fun way to countdown the days to Opening Day while previewing the players who will most likely be a part of the franchise’s efforts for a National League Central Division Championship.

In case you’re new, here’s an example of what that means. On March 11th, we’ll be 20 days away from Opening Day. Therefore, I’ll profile the player who wears #20 on his jersey: Jonathan Lucroy. On March 4th, I’ll profile Carlos Gomez (#27). On January 30th, Wily Peralta. So on and so forth.

Sometimes, players numbers get announced after their appropriate day has past. On those occasions, I do my best to get a profile up on them as soon as I can.

Today is 99, which corresponds to no one. Often, there’s a handful of non-roster invitees who are announced late and get the jerseys in the low 90s, so I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

We’ll have some fun along the way as we start counting down the days to our unofficial national holiday.

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