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Official: Details On Postseason Ticketing Opportunity

The Milwaukee Brewers have announced details for a Postseason Single-Game Ticketing Opportunity that will give fans the chance to register for the right to purchase tickets to potential individual 2014 Postseason games held at Miller Park.

Beginning today at noon CT., fans interested in registering may go to Brewers.com and look for the link to “Postseason Single-Game Ticketing Opportunity.” With inventory expected to be very limited, it is likely that only a very small number of fans will be selected to purchase tickets through this registration opportunity.

Fans looking to guarantee tickets to Postseason games may bypass the single-game registration by placing a deposit on a Season Seat Plan for 2015. Details on all Postseason ticket options follow:


Registration will begin at noon CT today and will close at 11:59 p.m. CT on Sunday, September 21.

The Brewers will conduct a random selection of winners from the pool of registrants for each Postseason series. The Wild Card and National League Division Series (NLDS) winners will be selected on or around September 23 and will have the opportunity to purchase up to four (4) tickets to one (1) game of the 2014 Wild Card or NLDS.

Winners for the National League Championship Series (closes Wednesday, October 1) and World Series (closes Sunday, October 12) will be selected from the same of pool registrants at later dates. Registrants (including winners of previous drawings) will be eligible for each drawing.

There is no charge to register for this opportunity, and additional rules and information are available at Brewers.com/postseason.


The first option is for fans to purchase a Full Season Ticket Plan for the 2015 season. Fans who select this option will be given the opportunity to purchase tickets to ALL 2014 Postseason games at Miller Park, including the World Series.

The second option is for fans to purchase a 20-Game Plan for the 2015 season. Those who choose this option will be given the opportunity to purchase tickets to all 2014 Wild Card, NLDS and NLCS games at Miller Park.
Fans interested in either one of these two options can visit Brewers.com or call 414-902-HITS.

South Side Rob & Family on YouTube !!!

by South Side Rob

Thanks to my “older” sister Cheryl, she put together a tribute to Sunday’s 3-1 victory. Most of our family was there (Even the Cub fans of our family who live south of the border). They behaved so we let them stay. Actually, it was my sister-in-law who ponied up for the tickets in advance so many thanks go to her and my brother who swears is a Brewers fan…..and a Cub fan….and a White Sox fan…..but more than anything, a PACKER FAN. Right now, I’m only convinced he’s a Packer fan but I actually caught him cheering for the Brewers which was a nice surprise.

It was my daughter Nicole’s 13th birthday and my sister Cheryl just happens to be her godmother. After the 2nd inning, the jumbo-tron said happy birthday to her thanks to her godmother. Another cool part of the Sunday clincher.

Obviously, it was one of the greatest games in Brewer history. Enjoy the pics and Big Rygg and his buddy Jason stopped by at our tailgate and snuck in a shot and supplied the 1982 version of “What’s Brewing”.

To enjoy the pictures, just click here…

As predicted here first…

By: Big Rygg




…I called it 3 years ago.

Ladies and gentlemen…this is an amazing feeling. The Milwaukee Brewers will be playing baseball in October. This is the franchise’s first trip to the National League playoffs and the team’s first trip to the playoffs over all since 1982’s storybook season that ended with a World Series loss to the St. Louis Cardinals.

But we’re back in, baby, and now it’s all about a best-of-five series with the champions of the NL East, the Philadelphia Phillies.

Game 1, Wednesday night in Philadelphia, Cole Hamels vs. Yovani Gallardo (most likely).

Let’s get it on!

Oh, and as for the self-promotion earlier…at the end of the 2005 season I called the Brewers’ participation in the 2008 playoffs. I also said that they’d compete for the playoffs in 2007 but fall short. Also, back in March I predicted 90 wins for the Brewers…I was right there too.

Sometimes, it’s really good to be right!!