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The Biogenesis Results Are In

Today, Major League Baseball will release the rest of the names on their list of suspensions of players having involvement with the infamous Biogenesis “wellness” clinic late of Miami, Florida. Well, the names are already out.

I guess I’m relieved, even though I’m not surprised, to be able to tell you that there are no other members of the Milwaukee Brewers organization among those names listed.

Of course these announcements do come on the heels of Brewers All-Star outfielder Ryan Braun’s acceptance of a 65-game suspension; the count being what remained of the 2013 regular season at the time. Braun’s suspension, complete with tacit admission of and acceptance of punishment for some “mistakes”, was seen as a major turning point with what would become the fallout of this investigation. If Braun appealed others could certainly follow in his wake. That Braun decided to put this behind him from at least the standpoint of league anger over not originally “getting” their man likely directly contributed to many players just realizing that biting the bullet now could be the best thing for them too.

Interestingly enough though is that players mentioned in Tony Bosch’s records who have already served a regular old 50-game suspension for a JDA violation were not suspended again. They reportedly include Melky Cabrera, Bartolo Colón, Yasmani Grandal. Makes one wonder…

The other report I found amusing was the one where A-Rod apparently feels he deserves fewer games than Braun.

Regardless, here then is the list of names and their associated length of suspension for all those suspended as a result of the Biogenesis mess.

Major League Players
Álex Rodríguez – 211 games (rest of 2013 season effective 8/8/13, pending appeal)
Braun – 65 games (rest of 2013 season)
Antonio Bastardo – 50 games
Everth Cabrera – 50 games
Francisco Cervelli – 50 games
Nelson Cruz – 50 games
Sergio Escalona – 50 games
Jesús Montero – 50 games
Jhonny Peralta – 50 games
Jordany Valdespin – 50 games

And non-major leaguers…

Fernando Martínez
Jordan Norberto
Fautino de los Sántos (briefly a Brewers farmhand after being acquired in trade for George Kottaras in 2012)
César Puello