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Brewers Wall of Honor Unveiled Today

The Milwaukee Brewers will formally unveil the “Brewers Wall of Honor” at Miller Park today.  The Wall of Honor will commemorate Milwaukee Brewers players that meet a set criteria based on service to the club. A total of 36 former Brewers players will attend today’s ceremony, marking the largest single gathering of Brewers alumni in team history, surpassing the 31 players who came in for the final game at County Stadium in 2000.

A private ceremony for inductees, their families and special guests will take place at 4 p.m. and the wall will be available for viewing to the general public beginning at 6:35 p.m. A pregame ceremony honoring the inductees will take place on the field prior to the game.

The Wall of Honor will be a permanent display outside of Miller Park on a wall on the North side of the ballpark.  Players on the Wall of Honor will each have a plaque with their photo and a brief synopsis of their playing career.  The plaques are designed by Matthews International, designers of the plaques for the National Baseball Hall of Fame as well as the plaques on the Milwaukee Braves Wall of Honor at Miller Park.

 Players who meet any of the following criteria while wearing a Brewers uniform will be inducted into the Wall of Honor:

  • 2,000 or more plate appearances
  • 1,000 or more innings pitched
  • 250 appearances as a pitcher
  • Winner of a major award (MVP, Cy Young, Rookie of the Year, or Fireman of the Year)
  • Manager of a pennant-winning team
  • Individuals recognized with a statue on the Miller Park Plaza
  • Members of the National Baseball Hall of Fame who have played for the Brewers

Currently, there are 58 persons who meet the above criteria and will be recognized on the Brewers Wall during the 2014 season.  In addition to the 58 members of the inaugural class, there are seven active players in Major League Baseball that meet the criteria.  Upon retirement, players who meet the criteria will be added to the Wall of Honor.

A total of 38 honorees are scheduled to attend the event six honorees will be represented by family members. The complete list of players who will grace the Brewers Wall of Honor at the unveiling ceremony today is as follows (attendees subject to change, those who will be present for the event are in BOLD, those who will be represented by a family member at the event are in ITALICS and those not able to attend the event are in PLAIN text):

Hank Aaron
Jerry Augustine
Sal Bando
Chris Bosio
Johnny Briggs
Jeromy Burnitz
Mike Caldwell
Bill Castro
Jeff Cirillo
Jim Colborn
Cecil Cooper
Craig Counsell
Chuck Crim
Rob Deer
Cal Eldred
Mike Fetters
Rollie Fingers
Jim Gantner
Moose Haas
Bill Hall
Darryl Hamilton
Teddy Higuera
John Jaha
Geoff Jenkins
Harvey Kuenn
Sixto Lezcano
Pat Listach
Mark Loretta
Davey May
Bob McClure
Paul Molitor
Don Money
Charlie Moore
Jaime Navarro
Dave Nilsson
Ben Oglivie
Dan Plesac
Darrell Porter
Ken Sanders
George Scott
Kevin Seitzer
Allan H. “Bud” Selig
Richie Sexson
Ben Sheets
Ted Simmons
Jim Slaton
B.J. Surhoff
Don Sutton
Gorman Thomas
Bill Travers
Bob Uecker
Jose Valentin
Greg Vaughn
Fernando Viña
Pete Vuckovich
Bill Wegman
Bob Wickman
Robin Yount

Note: John Axford, Ryan Braun, Prince Fielder, Yovani Gallardo, J.J. Hardy, Corey Hart and Rickie Weeks are the seven active players that, as of today, qualify for induction into the Wall of Honor following their retirement.  Active players closing in on the thresholds include Jonathan Lucroy and Carlos Gomez.

Milwaukee Brewers Uniform Number History: #11

Wondering who wore a certain uniform number all-time for the Milwaukee Brewers?

The Brewer Nation has got you covered. If you found this list on its own, head back here for the full repository after checking out this one.


John Kennedy (’70)
Davey May (’70-’74, ’78)
Sixto Lezcano (’75)
Kurt Bevacqua (’75-’76)
Jim Rosario (’76)
Jim Gantner (’76)
Steve Brye (’77)
Jeff Yurak (’78)
Vic Harris (’80)
Ed Romero (’81-’85)
Rick Cerone (’86)
Charlie O’Brien (’87-’88)
Mike Young (’88)
LaVel Freeman (’89)
Greg Vaughn (’89)
Gary Sheffield (’90-’91)
Dave Nilsson (’93-’95)
Derrick May (’95)
Kelly Stinnett (’96)
Antone Williamson (’97)
Ronnie Belliard (’98)
Hideo Nomo (’99)
Richie Sexson (’00-’03)
Lyle Overbay (’04-’05)
Mike Rivera (’06-’09, ’11)
Adam Stern (’10)
Chris Dickerson (’10)
Alex Gonzalez (’12-’13)
Sean Halton (’13)
Matt Pagnozzi (’14)

I thought we traded this guy a few years ago…

By: Big Rygg

Wasn’t there a guy on the Milwaukee Brewers a few years back that we traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks? I think we got, like, six players for him or something like that…

Sounds familiar…let’s see, I think it was Junior Spivey, Craig Counsell, Jorge De La Rosa, Chad Moeller-cycle, Chris Capuano and Lyle Overbay (that’s six, right?). Yeah, we’ve spun a few of those guys off in the years since and released another. Only Chris Capuano is still with the team, but that trade happened, right?

That guy is currently hitting in the teen-range of the .200s with nine home runs, 60+ strikeouts, 20 something RBIs. He also beats the snot out of southpaw pitchers and sucks hard against righties.

We traded that guy, right?

Then why do I see him on the Milwaukee Brewers’ 25-man roster right now?



Confused? Allow me to clarify…

A buddy of mine at work is a Seattle Mariners fan. I feel bad for him too. When I see news about the Mariners on the internet, I’ll pass him along a link from time to time. I broke him the news about Bill Bavasi’s firing which he was ecstatic about. “About (EXPLETIVE DELTED) time.” was his response.

I saw an article today about one Richmond Lockwood Sexson and the fact that he might simply be cut by the Mariners and their new GM. He’s in the last season of his contract anyway and since he’s played fairly horribly for them over the past two seasons, he isn’t going to be resigned. Also, since he’s playing terribly this year so far, nobody is going to give the Mariners anything in trade at this point.

Well, in that article over about our affiliate site MLB.com (maybe you’ve heard of it), there was some dialogue about his statistics to this point in the year. He said “man, those sound familiar”. He checked into the Brewers players’ statistics and lo and behold but who does he find on the Brewer roster? Richie Sexson masquerading as a part-time third baseman!!! He’s slouching about 8 inches, and somehow hiding about 60 lbs, but that’s him!

Shocked? My friend is out of his mind? Here’s the stat line comparison for 2008:

Sexson: 201 ABs, 44 H, .219 AVG, .295 OBP, 21 R, 9 HR, 23 RBI, 22 BB, 65 K
Hall: 213 ABs, 46 H, .216 AVG, .285 OBP, 22 R, 9 HR, 25 RBI, 18 BB, 60 K

Need more convincing that it’s a Sexson in Hall clothing? Here are the righty-lefty splits for 2008:

Sexson (vs. lefties): 43 AB, 15 H, .349 AVG, .417 OBP, 3 HR, 6 RBI, 9 K
Hall (vs. lefties): 60 AB, 22 H, .367 AVG, .435 OBP, 3 HR, 8 RBI, 13 K

Sexson (vs. righties): 158 AB, 29 H, .184 AVG, .261 OBP, 6 HR, 17 RBI, 56 K
Hall (vs. righties): 153 AB, 24 H, .157 AVG, .223 OBP, 6 HR, 17 RBI, 47 K

That’s eerie folks.

But allow me to get back to the onus of this post…Sexson might be cut outright by the Seattle Mariners, the team with the worst record in the majors. The team with the worst record in the majors and nothing really to gain by cutting Sexson might swallow the remainder of his contract and just cut bait. Oh, and before you think they have some top prospect knocking on the door at AAA? Their starting catcher Kenji Johjima has been taking ground balls at first base.

And yet…here the Milwaukee Brewers sit with one William Hall on their roster. Believe me, Hall has more value than Sexson does as he can play 3B, SS, 2B, CF and probably 1B and either corner OF spot in a pinch. He has his share of errors, but Bill Hall is no Jose Oquendo, okay?

But is the offensive deficiency enough to warrant some sort of off-the-wall move like the Mariners are considering with Sexson?

Personally, I’m a Brewer supporter and that includes the players as individuals. I think Hall offers more to us on our roster than off of it, but I’m putting the question out there to Brewer Nation to get your thoughts on it.

Should the Brewers follow suit (assuming the Mariners go through with it) and cut Bill Hall from the roster outright?