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Thank You “Four” Reading, Fellow Brewers Fans


Announced earlier today, you all have spent enough of your time clicking on my various links to make me the 4th most read fan blog in the entire MLBlogs.com universe!

I’m humbled and honored each and every time my hit counter ticks up and am thrilled by the advances the blog made over the last couple of years.

In 2011, I really got into heavy use of social media sites for conversation and the blog slogged through a very low content year but still managed to finish 64th overall. With a renewed dedication from me in 2012 and response from you all in kind, I was able to finish all the way up in the 8th position. I maintained and built upon my work last year and you increased your support again.

There are some true juggernauts ahead of me in the fan rankings so 2014 will need to blow away 2013 if I’m to advance again. I’ll be here blogging and I’ll appreciate any time you spend reading (or at least clicking) throughout the calendar year.

Thank you so much!