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Latest Podcast Available for Download

By: Big Rygg

Hey all!
The latest edition of the Brewer Nation podcast is available for download from the usual location:
Check it out!
Don’t forget to email us questions, comments or ideas to brewernation@gmail.com. If we feature your email on the podcast, well you don’t win anything, but you get to feel good…that counts for something, right?

Waiting to Exhale…

By: Big Rygg

My return to the written word this week begins with an update for those of you that may not have heard.

Ryan Braun exited the televised Brewer/Padre game this evening after being struck on the right thumb by a line drive. Braun apparently lost the ball in the lights and by the time he realized where it was, it was on him and he couldn’t do much about the impact.

Braun didn’t look happy at all and, if I’m being honest, appeared to think the thumb was broken.

He was taken out of the game after the half-inning was over and then taken for x-rays. Now the part that you can exhale about…the x-rays came back negative. The injury is being called a “contusion” and the Brewers’ left fielder is listed as “day to day”.

So, Brewer Nation, feel free to exhale.

In other developments, the weekly podcast is available. Cary was flying solo on this one as I was taking a long weekend away from Milwaukee to spend with my family. Afterall, once baseball season starts my wife won’t be seeing a whole lot of me. LOL

Click the link here to download the podcase, and thanks for listening!

Also, in case there is something that you’d like us to talk about on the podcast or you just want to give feedback, remember the Brewer Nation email address is availabe 24/7 at brewernation@gmail.com.


Weekly Podcast Available

By: Big Rygg

The weekly Brewer Nation “podcast” is available for download. I know that we keep sending you back and forth between sites, but hopefully that will be ironing itself out here in the near future. The file will probably be available on both sites going forward, but for now, it’s available at:
This week we discuss The Week That Was in spring training games, an injury update, the World Baseball Classic (and the Brewers involved in it) and some talk about who might be filling out the 25-man roster come April 7th.
Thank you for downloading and listening!
Also, if you have any questions you’d like answered or any topics you’d like discussed, feel free to email us at: brewernation@gmail.com
Happy listening!!

New Podcast!

By: Big Rygg

The latest edition of the Brewer Nation Podcast is available for download. We also have decided on a new host for the file, so don’t worry that the URL is a bit different from the previous file.

Just click here to download the latest Podcast, recorded yesterday afternoon, Sunday, March 1st.

Enjoy! (And please leave some comments about the broadcast here. Anything you liked, didn’t like, etc.)

Brewer Nation Podcast

By: Big Rygg

Remember when I told you to watch this space for a big announcement? Well, here it is…

The Brewer Nation is finally taking yet another step in it’s global domination by offering what will be a weekly podcast during the 2009 regular season!

I, along with another life-long Brewer fan in my buddy Cary, will be covering all things related to Milwaukee each week. We’ll be covering the games that just happened over the last seven days along with a preview of those on deck for the coming week. We’ll discuss player news, trades, rumors, performance, trends. We’ll hit news around the league, around our division and anything else that affects the Milwaukee Brewers. There are several other special things that we’ll be rolling out throughout the season, but look for those side-announcements as those things get closer.

Are you anxious for this podcast? Are you? Can you hardly contain yourself until you can hear us talk about the Brewers?

Well, wait no more…the first one is posted!

Head here…http://www.fantasysportsspot.com/podcast.html…and download the file to listen to us. It’s in MP3 format and is nearly an hour of talk. We don’t expect them all to be that long but in this first episode we discuss the team position by position in a Pitchers and Catchers Day preview.

Oh, and in case you look for one next Monday, you won’t find one. This will be a weekly show during the regular season, but since this next week of baseball is pretty much workouts and drills and there aren’t any games played for a few more days, the next time we’ll be posting a new podcast will be in two weeks.

Anyway, enough text. Click the link, download the file that you find there and listen to the first Brewer Nation Podcast!

Once you do that, please come back here and leave comments if you’d like.