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Brewer Nation Podcast – Recorded: Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ladies, gentlemen, friends, Romans, countrymen, et cetera…

The latest episode of the Brewer Nation podcast has found its way through the editing chamber and was (finally) accepted for upload by the host of the server on which it resides!

Please download or listen by utilizing the link:


On this episode we discuss (in no particular order):

  • Record since last podcast
  • Transactions
  • Minor League news
  • ESPN’s Battle of the Ballparks
  • Ryan Braun and the All-Star Game
  • Discussion topic: Would the Brewers benefit by acquiring a handful of bullpen arms?
  • Discussion topic: Which pieces are worth something in trade should the team decide to sell?
  • The latest in Greinke rumors
  • Discussion topic: How would you handle the coming logjam in the starting rotation?
  • Upcoming series and Decision Day 2012

New Brewer Nation Podcast! – Recorded 04.14.12

What better day than Milwaukee Day(4.14) to record the latest edition of the Brewer Nation podcast?

Well, we couldn’t think of one either and so Cary and I got together and did just that.

This edition features an interview with Brewers fan Megan Brown.

We also had planned on interviewing Brewers prospect Nick Ramirez (#10 on Keith Law’s top prospect list for the Milwaukee Brewers), but finished the podcast before we could connect. We ended up reaching him afterward so we recorded that interview on its own and have posted it as well.

Here is the link to the full podcast:


Here is the link to just the Nick Ramirez interview:


You can follow our guests on Twitter! We plug their accounts in the recordings.

NEW PODCAST – Recorded Monday, December 27, 2010

By: Big Rygg

Hey gang!
I know that I’ve been lax with the written word here lately. That will change soon, but for now Cary and I recorded a brand new podcast earlier this evening for your listening pleasure.
As far as daily thoughts go, please follow our Twitter account at http://twitter.com/BrewerNation. I update that feed frequently throughout each and every day as news happens or thoughts occur to me.
Stay tuned though, Brewer Nation…a big year is ahead for the Brewer Nation itself and (more importantly of course) the Milwaukee Brewers themselves!