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Brian Kenney Supports Ryan Braun as NL MVP

If you follow me on Twitter this isn’t exactly breaking news. You’ll know that a few days ago, when Brian Kenney analyzed the “finalists” for the Most Valuable Player award in the National League, I tweeted that Kenney stated the metrics support Ryan Braun’s candidacy to repeat as NL MVP.

(Brian Kenney, of course, is the well-respected host of the fantastic show Clubhouse Confidential on MLB Network.)

He does that that he can see voting for Buster Posey or Yadier Molina for MVP, and could even understand a vote for Andrew McCutchen.

But if he actually had to vote, he would go with the guy who was the best power hitter, a plus base-runner, and a plus-defender.

Here are Kenney’s full comments and breakdown:

All that said, I still don’t expect Ryan Braun to be named as MVP tomorrow evening. Humans love narrative, they hate being embarrassed, and they love revenge. In this way, many baseball writers over the years have proven to be about as human as you can get.