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Milwaukee Brewers Uniform Number History: #28

Wondering who wore a certain uniform number all-time for the Milwaukee Brewers?

The Brewer Nation has got you covered. If you found this list on its own, head back here for the full repository after checking out this one.


Sandy Valdespino (’70)
Roberto Pena (’70-71)
Wilbur Howard (’73)
Von Joshua (’76-77)
Vic Harris (’80)
Jamie Easterly (’81-’83)
Rick Manning (’83-’87)
Odell Jones (’88)
Jeff Peterek (’89)
Tom Filer (’90)
Franklin Stubbs (’91)
Doug Henry (’91-’94)
Jack Voigt (’97)
Mike Myers (’98-’99)
Valerio De Los Santos (’00-’03)
Prince Fielder (’05-’11)
Gerardo Parra (’14-’15)
Jorge Lopez (’15)