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One of Those Secondary Pieces Keeps Being Mentioned

Elvis Andrus + 1 coming for Zack Greinke + 2 going.

That’s what I was told was an idea being floated around when I was informed that the Brewers had requested a copy of Elvis Andrus’ contract.

I stayed quiet on the other names involved in part because no deal was close and secondary pieces in deals can change all the time depending on needs.

I’m not going to get into all of it because of the same reasons, but if you heard me a few minutes ago on The Big 1070 in Madison, WI then you heard two of the names that I was told as I broadcast them over the air. (Hey, they asked nicely.)

Therefore I share with you now that the other name I was told going to Texas in this nebulous idea was Corey Hart. The minor-league pitcher coming back to Milwaukee is LHP Martin Perez, currently pitching in the offensive-minded league where Texas’ affiliate Round Rock plays.

For the record, it was explained to me as “a touted minor league pitcher like a Perez”. That’s another reason that I didn’t mention his name previously because his inclusion seemed liked educated guesswork at the time.

Corey Hart, however, is a name that I’ve heard attached to the idea more than once. For your information, Hart is under contract through 2013 which would fill Texas’ desire of getting something more out of a deal than simply a top-flight rental.

So there you have it.

Texas fans, does this additional information make you like the idea more?

Brewers fans, how does this impact your opinion?

And finally, allow me to reiterate that I never once stated that Texas offered Andrus to Milwaukee in a trade for Zack Greinke like so many people have said I did. All I ever said that I knew for certain was that the Brewers wanted to review Andrus’ contract. That could mean that Milwaukee planned on asking for Andrus in a trade suggestion just as easily as it could mean that Texas floated the idea about giving up Andrus in a trade.

So please do yourself this favor: If you were employing your “Jump to Conclusions Mat” about the previous blog entry put it away and simply read the words for what they say.

If I wanted to tell you something more or different from what the words say, I’d use different words.