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2013 Winter Meetings Recap Day 1: Laying Groundwork


The 2013 edition of Baseball’s Winter Meetings, at least as they pertain to the Brewers which is why you’re reading, got underway with a flurry of news and notes but no signings.

Here’s your Day 1 recap:

The day began with word that Corey Hart’s agent would be meeting with the Brewers contingent later in the day, and that the Brewers were making a resolution with Hart a “priority.”

Adam McCalvy then chimed in that the Brewers touched base with the Mets about their available first basemen as well, phrasing the communications with the Mets and with Hart’s agent as “groundwork.”

Bad news then came down the pipeline late afternoon. It was confirmed that Brewers LHP Tom Gorzelanny had undergone shoulder surgery. It was considered relatively minor (in the grand scheme of things) with the expectation that Gorzelanny would be pitching again by mid-March. Gorzelanny’s shoulder cost him the end of his 2013 season and further proved, in my opinion, that he shouldn’t have been put back into the rotation last year.

Brewers brass then confirmed that they had met with Hart’s agent and that the two sides had agreed to touch base again during the Winter Meetings. It was suggested that the Brewers would get a chance to react to other offers Hart receives.

I speculated leading up to the Winter Meetings when the Brewers were tied to a handful of other first baseman options at least as a backup plan to if not leverage against Hart. To that end, Hank Schulman (who covers the San Francisco Giants) tweeted that Milwaukee had checked in with San Fran about the availability of 1B Brett Pill.

But, despite all of that, the Brewers aren’t only in Orlando looking to settle one position. General manager Doug Melvin has also made no secret about his desire to add a reliever with “closing experience” to field manager Ron Roenicke’s bullpen. To that, Gordon Wittenmeyer of the Chicago Sun-Times tweeted that the Brewers had talked to Carlos Marmol. Nothing imminent, but still nauseating interesting.

Amongst all of the rest of the newsworthy items was the Logan Morrison situation. That’s the one where the Marlins have said that they’ll be trading him soon but multiple teams denied being close to acquiring him. For what it’s worth, the Brewers have been connected there as a “it makes sense” destination by a handful of scribes.

And finally, my personal contribution to the rumor mill last night about where that “groundwork” may have the Brewers positioned come Tuesday morning, can be read right here: Hot Stove: Pushing The Issue

So there you have it. Day 1 of the 2013 Winter Meetings in a nutshell.

(*Apologies for the lateness of this. I got my rumor last night and only ended up with time to write up the one post. I’ll add in tweets later to fill out this recap, but the info is at least all here.)

Hot Stove Report: Brewers Fielded Trade Idea

While we anxiously anticipate the announcements of the Most Valuable Players in the American and National Leagues to finish off “Awards Season”, it behooves me to mention that we are still in the early stages of “Hot Stove season” as well.

That being said, there has already been an extremely large trade executed between the Miami Marlins and Toronto Blue Jays. 12 players and cash involved along with a boatload of ill will for the Miami front office. I make mention of it not because I’m going to analyze it or anything but because of what it implies about some of the remaining pieces of the 2012 Marlins roster.

There’s been talk that Logan Morrison, despite his inexpensive contract, down offensive year, and the fact that he’s coming off of a season-ending injury is being actively shopped to other clubs. There’s also been talk that a third member of the Marlins’ rotation from last year could be moved in the right deal.

This is where the focus of this column lies.

The pitcher in question, Ricky Nolasco, was brought up on social media yesterday and spawned a brief discussion. OnMilwaukee.com’s Jim Owczarski saw that Nolasco could be moved and tweeted the following:

He and I tweeted back and forth once or twice on the possibility and probability that Doug Melvin reached out to the Marlins regarding Nolasco. It’s no secret that the Brewers have the desire to add a veteran starting pitcher to their rotation. The production (4.48 ERA), declining strikeout rate (5.8 K/9 in 2012, third straight year in trending downward), and cost (owed $11.5MM for 2013) all factored in as reasons why I wouldn’t have wanted Melvin to reach out on Nolasco.

Well, I did some digging last night. What I learned was that there is believed to have been contact between Miami and Milwaukee recently, and that contact was regarding Nolasco, but…and here’s the fun stuff…it was the Marlins who did the reaching out.

Like I said, it’s no secret that the Brewers have a want. The Marlins realized it and made contact to see if Nolasco could be the answer which would sate Melvin’s desire. As much as I would support Nolasco if he were ever a Brewer, Doug Melvin is not a pawnbroker who you can get to give you something of value for your unwanted assets.

(Well, maybe he would add Nolasco in the right deal. I don’t know. I’d hope not, but never say never in MLB…except when it comes to Cy Young’s Wins record, apparently.)

That’s it though. No word on how those advances were received nor do I know if contact has been made beyond the initial one, but I’ve always said that I will pass along information as I learn it, so there you have it.

Ricky Nolasco

After the latest Marlins’ fire sale, I’d be looking over my shoulder too.