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Brewers Agree Again With Gonzalez

seabassKen Rosenthal of FOXSports.com has learned that the Milwaukee Brewers have an agreement in place to re-sign veteran shortstop Alex Gonzalez.

You may recall that Gonzalez was inked to be the club’s starting shortstop for 2012 but suffered a season-ending knee injury in early May.

The two sides have been linked all winter because the Brewers obviously like what he brings to the club (or else they wouldn’t have signed him a year ago) but the sticking point was that Gonzalez wanted a starting job if he could find one.

Apparently he wasn’t able to and agreed to a one-year deal to back up now-incumbent shortstop Jean Segura.

The positives for the Brewers are two-fold. First, he provides a proven option should Segura struggle and end up needing a break or demotion for any length of time.

Also, it’s certainly palatable from a financial perspective as Rosenthal tweeted:

That’s a good deal for the money and so long as it doesn’t result in a major stunting of the growth of Segura, which it won’t as many members of the Brewers decision-makers have told us all winter, then I’m happy to welcome Gonzalez back. Furthermore, I can’t imagine that Gonzalez returned to Milwaukee for that small a dollar amount if he was expecting to be the everyday shortstop.

Welcome back, Sea Bass!

This signing will necessitate a 40-man roster move and could have significant impact on the composition of the 25-man roster. Jeff Bianchi, Bobby Crosby and Donnie Murphy won’t exactly be at the forefront anymore, especially with the need to carry a competent backup 1B due to Corey Hart’s injury.

This signing will also not be made official until Gonzalez passes a physical, but I’m told privately that the Brewers want two opinions on Gonzalez’ knee before the contract gets signed. Though given how assistant GM Gord Ash said that Gonzalez was doing so well toward the end of last season that they were considering activating Gonzalez, I’d think that probably a formality.

Early reaction on Twitter came from Brewers pitcher Chris Narveson:

And later from Brewers starting catcher Jonathan Lucroy:

Brewers Sign Former Rookie of the Year


FOXSports.com’s Ken Rosenthal just tweeted out the following:

This is an absolute no-risk signing by the Milwaukee Brewers. Minimal dollars, talented player (at least defensively), and they don’t have to worry about a 40-man roster spot at this point.

Crosby won the American League Rookie of the Year Award back in 2004 as a 24-year-old after hitting .239/.319/.426 with 22 home runs and plus defense despite striking out 141 times in 623 plate appearances. He never hit more than nine home runs in a season after that but also never reached 400 plate appearances in a season again save for 2008 when he played a full, healthy year.

His career was knocked off track by injury and lack of bat but he isn’t coming to big league camp at Maryvale because they expect him to hit. If Crosby made the 25-man roster it would be as backup SS and utility IF, the exact role Donnie Murphy was signed to compete with Jeff Bianchi for as well.

Crosby hasn’t played in the majors since 2010.