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Price Reduction! Come Partake in a Special Miller Park Event!

By: Big Rygg

Turns out that your patience has paid off, Brewer Nation! Prices for the special event with Assistant GM Gord Ash, SI.com’s Will Carroll, WTMJ’s Trenni Kusnierek and WSSP’s Doug Russell have been reduced!

Click the link and head to the updated webpage to take advantage of this one-time chance to have a personal audience with these baseball media members! (And yeah, we’ll be there too!)

Here is the link! Click to take advantage of a tremendous offer!

Listen to Big Rygg on the Radio @ 11:05am

By: Big Rygg

Hey everyone! I have been given the opportunity to be on the radio tomorrow (technically later today, Sunday, July 19th) morning just after 11:00am.

Local sports talk radio leader WSSP (1250 AM) does a pre-game show prior to every Brewer game. It starts an hour before game time and the second segment they do is the Roundtable where the host throws out questions at the different panelists.

Well, despite tomorrow’s host’s best efforts, I was selected as one of the three members of the roundtable courtesy of the host of WSSP’s post-game show, Tim Allen.

Tomorrow’s host of the pre-game show, Steve “Sparky” Fifer, will ask questions of us three panelists and we do what the name of the segment implies by going around the “table” by all taking turns on either the same question or, usually, different questions.

It’s going to be fun, and even though Sparky told Tim Allen that he was nuts for choosing me, I have a feeling that I’ll be the best panelist on tomorrow’s show. Based on the fact that Sparky chose his panelist because the guy called in first and the third panelist was chosen to be a bur in Sparky’s saddle, it shouldn’t take much.

But hey, please listen to the On-Deck show tomorrow morning on WSSP 1250 AM starting at 11:00am. If you won’t have access to a radio during that window, you can stream the show online as well by heading to http://www.sportsradio1250.com and clicking the “Listen Now” button in the upper right.

Thanks Brewer Nation!!