BREAKING NEWS: Roenicke Relieved of Duties

The Milwaukee Brewers have announced that Ron Roenicke has been relieved of his duties as manager. The announcement was made by Brewers President of Baseball Operations and General Manager Doug Melvin.

“This has been a difficult start to the season, something that we certainly didn’t anticipate,” Melvin said.

“Over roughly the last 100 games, we have not performed at the level that we should. It’s all about wins and losses, and after the first month of play this year we didn’t see the progress and improvement we had hoped for. We appreciate all that Ron has done for our organization, and he has handled his duties with great professionalism and dedication. The reasons for our disappointing start are many, but we determined that it’s in the best interests of the club to make this move.”

The Brewers will announce Roenicke’s replacement at a press conference tomorrow at 10:30 am.

In four-plus seasons under Roenicke, the Brewers finished with a 342-331 regular season mark, including 7-
18 this year.


  1. Jeff Beegle

    Somebody needs to stand up and make a difference. I know it was hard but it was the correct move. Good job Doug and best wishes Ron.

  2. bpvsev

    I have to admit that it has been quite obvious “something” had to be done, but I also have to say I did not see this coming. Props to Ron Roenicke for maintaining such a level of determination and integrity during a difficult stretch, both this year and last. Best of luck to Ron. Any thoughts, Brewer Nation, on replacement possibilities?

  3. bpvsev

    Just a thought….Why is it always the manager who takes the fall for a team who is not producing? Any manager can put the best player at the best spot to complete the plays, both offensively and defensively, but if the players don’t produce, how can he be held solely responsible for that? True, you can’t fire the team…..but are there not other scenarios to consider?

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