Rumors: What I Was Told About Brewers’ Interest in David Price, and When I Heard It


There’s been a lot of talk today regarding the Brewers involvement in left-handed starting pitcher, the true ace of the Tampa Bay Rays, David Price. I’ve been sitting on a rumor for over three weeks now and may as well talk about it now since it’s the hot topic of the day.

Ken Rosenthal and Jon Morosi of kicked things off by resurrecting the ghosts of CC Sabathia and, to a different degree, Zack Greinke in pointing out that the Brewers have made runs to the playoffs after acquiring ace pitchers. Sabathia, of course, was the 2008 in-season addition who carried the Brewers to the playoffs along with Ben Sheets.

Rosenthal and Morosi comment that the Brewers were “putting their ‘foot in the water'” on Price and that the results of Rays vs Brewers over the next few days could directly influence Price’s future, both in terms of whether and, if so, where he’ll be dealt. Well, what I was told is that three weeks ago, Melvin supposedly offered a package to the Rays that featured Jimmy Nelson as the centerpiece. I don’t know who else was discussed along with Nelson, but I was told that any package offered for discussion was a “non-starter”, at least at the time. What that means is that it simply wasn’t enough of a return for Tampa to consider. It lead to a report that the Brewers were viewed as “out” on Price at the time.

As teams have gotten back into the race, or fallen out of it, trade partners also fluctuate. Perhaps the Rays are more willing to deal with the Brewers now, and perhaps that’s because Melvin is willing to part with different pieces now than he was before. That, I don’t know. But I was told three weeks ago that Andrew Friedman and the Rays’ front office are valuing near-MLB prospects more than “high-ceiling, but further away from contributing types. Again, they may not have seen what they wanted to in that realm and are now willing to consider those “further away” prospects, but I’m not privy to any more recent discussions…at least not yet.

So, yes, the Brewers expressed interest. And while things may have changed in the last 22 days, initial information indicated that Melvin and company didn’t have the right package to pull off the major coup this time around.

And while I don’t expect anything to happen, it sure would be fun if they figured out a way to sweeten their offer.


  1. oh Hal

    Just when I thought Melvin had turned the corner, he’s willing to blow things up for a shot at winning again. I know it won’t happen but if he does his massive overpay for I think he should put his job on the line. Walk away and let someone run it who isn’t stuck in the past. This post is exceedingly depressing.

    • Joe

      Blow what up? Being a small market team Melvin and Mark know you don’t have a shot every year to win the World Series so when you do you have make any move that can help club short term even if that means giving up pieces that could pan out in a few years. Plus they’re just prospects none of them have done any thing at MLB level.

  2. Thomas John May

    jimmy nelson, rickie weeks (since he’s from the tampa area and he plays second, possibly if there are prospects at the lower end of the minors) or maybe have a three team trade.

  3. Joe Polka Tornado

    Being able to trade Weeks away to anyone and getting something useful in return would suprise me more than if we got Price or Lestor or Zobrist in a trade of any sort.. We shall see, Melvin has surprised me before

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