Brewer Nation Podcast: Recorded Sunday, March 2, 2014

Here’s the podcast recorded Sunday evening on March 2nd.

With Spring Training underway, Cary and I take a look at position battles, roster additions, early performances, and more!

Right-click here to download!


  1. Jaith

    I just have to say, you must not watch games. I appreciate everything you do, but to say Weeks plays above average defense these days really, really hurts your credibility. Scooter’s defense was a revelation compared to Weeks’ last year. Really, it wasn’t even comparable, and that is common knowledge amongst Brewers personnel and fans these days.

    • Brewer Nation

      I watch more games than is likely considered healthy. Weeks has gotten better on defense throughout his career and while he’s certainly not considered a good defender (which I didn’t say), he is above average. I wasn’t saying or trying to imply that Weeks and Scooter played the same level of defense though. I’ll listen again and see if it comes across that way, but try to take my words at face value. “Above average” doesn’t mean “good”.

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