Hot Stove Report: Brewers Reportedly Closing in on Free Agent Starting Pitcher

Well this morning just got a whole lot less productive.

I received a message this morning that the Milwaukee Brewers were advancing in their negotiations with a free agent. Amazingly enough, it isn’t a first baseman on a minor-league deal. (Shocking, I know.)

On the contrary, in this case the player in question — again, according to the message from a source — indicated that the Brewers were working on signing a free agent starting pitcher.

His name?

Matt Garza.

I don’t have time to get into Garza’s 2013 or the rest of his career at this point. And his throwing problems when fielding ground balls are well-documented on the interwebs as well.

Here’s a link to his Baseball-Reference page: 

I’ll add details as I have the opportunity to do so.

***UPDATE (12:14 PM CT)***
Ken Rosenthal reports that the deal being negotiated is believed to be 4yr/$52 million.

***UPDATE 2 (12:19 PM CT)***
Rosenthal has confirmed the deal, pending a physical.


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