Walk of Fame Voting Results, Brewers Have First Shutout of Year

Teddy Higuera and Joe Adcock Both Narrowly Miss Election

Official Release:

The Milwaukee Brewers announced today that there will not be an inductee to the Brewers Walk of Fame at Miller Park.  A total of 40 votes were received and no candidates received the 26 votes necessary (65%) for election.  Teddy Higuera (24 votes, 60%) and Joe Adcock (21 votes, 52.5%) were the closest to election.

Four former Brewers did not receive the necessary two votes to remain on the 2015 ballot.  There were a total of 26 Brewers players and seven Braves players on the ballot. The ballots included on-field personnel who wore a Brewers or Braves uniform for a minimum of three seasons but have been retired from playing/managing roles for at least three seasons. All players and managers receiving votes on at least 5% of the ballots will remain eligible in 2015.

Past inductees include Hank Aaron, Rollie Fingers, Paul Molitor, Robin Yount in 2001; Commissioner Bud Selig and Cecil Cooper in 2002; Bob Uecker and Harry Dalton in 2003; Jim Gantner and Gorman Thomas in 2004; Don Money and Harvey Kuenn in 2005; Eddie Mathews, Warren Spahn and John Quinn in 2007 (the first year that former Braves players appeared on the ballot); Lew Burdette in 2010 and Johnny Logan in 2013.

Each inductee is honored with a granite plaque that is placed into the terrace area walkway that surrounds Miller Park.  The full results are as follows:

Player Name   Votes   Percentage

Jerry Augustine   7   17.5%

George Bamberger   20   50.0%

Sal Bando   3   7.5%

Ronnie Belliard   0   0.0%

Mike Caldwell   18    45.0%

Bill Castro   4   10.0%

Jeff Cirillo   14   35.0%

Phil Garner   5   12.5%

Gabe Gross   0   0.0%

Teddy Higuera   24   60.0%

Larry Hisle   5   12.5%

Geoff Jenkins   15   37.5%

Sixto Lezcano   5   12.5%

Mark Loretta   2   5.0%

Seth McClung   0   0.0%

Charlie Moore   5   12.5%

Ben Oglivie   14   35.0%

Dan Plesac   8   20.0%

David Riske   0   0.0%

Bill Schroeder   4   10.0%

George Scott   10   25.0%

Ted Simmons   14   35.0%

Jim Slaton   6   17.5%

Dale Sveum   6   17.5%

Greg Vaughn   6   17.5%

Pete Vuckovich   20   50.0%

Joe Adcock   21   52.5%

William Bruton   4   10.0%

Robert Buhl   5   12.5%

Del Crandall   11   27.5%

Fred Haney   2   5.0%

Felix Mantilla   3   7.5%

Andy Pafko   2   5.0%

One comment

  1. Tom Brown

    I can’t believe Joe Adcock did not get voted onto the Miller Park “Walk of Fame”. I don’t know who the voters are, but they sure must not have looked at what Joe did when he was here with the Braves. He hit 4 home runs and a double in one game-a record that stood for 48 years!!! He was usually among the home run leaders each year. He finished his career with 336 home runs and a .277 batting average. Not too shabby for the big guy that he was. In my opinion, every player who was on the 1957 Braves should be on the “Walk of Fame” since they are STILL the only team to bring a World Championship to Milwaukee in major league baseball.
    Also, Joe was a nice guy off the field. One day, back in the early 60’s, my friend and I went to a Braves game. We got there very early and went out to the right field side seating area to look at the field before the game. We saw a man sitting in the stands behind the Braves dugout and went over by him. He invited us to sit down and talk with him. It was Joe Adcock! We talked for about a half hour before he had to get suited up for practice before the game. Most players these days wouldn’t give a couple of kids like that the time of day. He was such a great guy just for being kind to people and not avoiding them as you so often see celebrities do today.
    So next time these voters vote on the Miller Park “Walk of Fame”, hopefully they will take a better look at what Joe Adcock meant to Milwaukee and the Braves!!!

    Tom Brown

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