BREAKING: Corey Hart Agrees To Sign Elsewhere (Pending Physical), So Where Do Brewers Turn?

As first reported by Jon Heyman via Twitter, free agent Corey Hart has agreed to sign a contract with the Seattle Mariners for the 2014 season.

A source independently confirmed the agreement, but said that the “Pending Physical” part of the equation isn’t seen as a 100% certainty.

What this means for the Brewers is that they move onto their backup plans which were being put into place over the past couple of days. Those plans include three names we know about.

Ike Davis

As I reported Monday night, the Brewers were a finalist to acquire Ike Davis in trade from the New York Mets before the Mets decided to bump up their asking price. With Hart no longer available, you can assume that the Mets won’t be motivated to move off of that demand. However, the Mets would very much like to unload Davis and don’t have a ton of trade partners available to them.

Logan Morrison

Listed as one of many teams that “checked in” on Logan Morrison, the Brewers were seen as out as recently as last night but this morning I was told (and yes, tweeted first for those that care), that the Brewers were viewing LoMo as the top fallback trade option should Hart spurn their advances. Since he did, that could certainly get things moving again here.

UPDATE: As I was typing, it came down that the Mariners and Marlins agreed on a trade to send Morrison to the Pacific Northwest as well in return for Carter Capps. So, no mo LoMo… (I’ll show myself out.)

James Loney

As of this morning, Adam McCalvy first reported that given the current state of flux surrounding the Hart situation, the agent for Loney proactively reached out to Melvin. As we all know, Melvin loves it when a player expresses a desire to play in Milwaukee. Watch for this one to take shape especially if Loney can be talked off of his current desire to get a three-year deal.

One comment

  1. Barb Caffrey

    In a way, I understand this from both sides, BN.

    I think Corey Hart, who immediately becomes the Mariners’ second best hitter, liked the idea of hitting behind Robinson Cano — who wouldn’t? And out in Seattle, the expectations will probably be a tad lower than they’d be here . . . plus it’s another hitter-friendly ballpark, _and_ there’s the DH option, which may help him as he does his best to get back to playing the vast majority of games. (If he can play four days in the field and three DH’ing, or four days in the field and two DH’ing with a day off, I can see that as desirable from his point of view.)

    And from the Brewers POV — well, they can’t offer much to Hart because he missed all of last season. They like him, they wanted him back here, and they probably thought he _would_ come back here, but I think when Cano went to Seattle that was a huge game-changer. (That’s why Logan Morrison was probably acquired, too, by the Mariners — he’s another guy who can hit and play a number of positions, and the Mariners need a major infusion of offense.) Melvin and Co. couldn’t have anticipated that the Mariners would do that — no one did — which might be one reason why they weren’t prepared for this outcome.

    As for what the Brewers do now? Personally, I’d re-sign Gamel as he’s a low-cost option and I believe he will hit major league pitching if given a chance to play every day (or nearly every day). I don’t think Ike Davis is a good fit for Milwaukee — he’s too much like Juan Francisco, and we already have him, thanks — and I’m afraid that Loney will be too expensive for the Brewers, though it’s good that Loney does want to come here and I, for one, would be *very* glad to have him.

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