Ryan Braun Spoke to Media at Miller Park (Audio)


Ryan Braun made himself available to media today at a Hunger Task Force charity event outside Miller Park. He was asked a flurry of pointed and direct questions, nary a softball among them.

Hear his comments for yourself right here:

I’ll be transcribing the dialogue later today if you prefer to read.


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  2. bpvsev

    Wow! We have a politician on the team! Every answer the same, but never actually giving an answer…………… Fault US? Seriously?? How many times did he use the words “supportive….moving forward….not going into details….I don’t think of things like that…….. Puh-lease.

  3. bpvsev

    What he needs to do as far as the young kids who idolized him, (and still do to a certain degree), is set up a situation where he can speak to them and help them understand why THEY shouldn’t follow in his footsteps where this issue is concerned. An apology for bursting their bubble wouldn’t hurt, either! Instead of saying he appreciates their support…………these are star struck kids, not adults who have made an informed decision. C’mon Ryan, MAN UP.

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