Gomez Stares Down Maholm After Home Run, Braves Take Offense

First, the video.

Now, the backstory.

Paul Maholm and Carlos Gomez have a lengthy history. Maholm has hit Gomez with more than one pitch during their careers, including intentionally throwing a baseball at Gomez during a game back in June at Miller Park. Gomez was hit in the knee and not only had to leave that game but missed the next three. Gomez entered that day hitting .314/.354/.572 on the season. He’s dropped to .280/.333/.501 as he’s dealt with the knee and other nagging injuries all season.

Gomez also has quite the track record of success hitting off of Maholm as evidenced by his career slash line of .450/.500/1.350 in 22 plate appearances.

Now on to the issue at hand. Gomez hit a monster shot off of Maholm in the first inning of Wednesday night’s game and stared both the ball and then Maholm down.

Then someone on the Braves told Gomez to “Fuckin’ run, God damn it!”

Then Gomez started to run and Freddie Freeman started to say something to him as he rounded first. Gomez started to chirp back.

While rounding third, Gomez pointed at his knee where Maholm hit Gomez back in June and continued to bark at Maholm.

Then, to top it all off, catcher Brian McCann physically stood in Gomez’s way before he could get to home plate in order to jaw at Gomez. McCann was visibly angry in the face as he screamed at Gomez. Gomez didn’t back down and at that point the benches cleared and tempers really flared. Reed Johnson ran in and punched Gomez for “good” measure.

Lots of discussion occurred on Twitter immediately following. You can guess the majority of the sentiment.

And wouldn’t you know it? The Braves come to Miller Park to open the 2014 regular season. Whether Brian McCann or Paul Maholm are on the Braves next season is up in the air though, as they are both free agents following 2013.

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