Trade Season Rumor: Two Brewers Drawing Known Interest

Good morning, and happy July, Brewer Nation!

It is officially trade season in Major League Baseball as the Chicago Cubs, Baltimore Orioles, Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros were all involved in moves over the past couple of days. Trade winds are beginning to pick up speed all around the league, and as has been documented numerous times by a multitude of baseball scribes, the Milwaukee Brewers could be at the center of a lot of activity. Whether that happens is truly up to some decisions by Doug Melvin (likely with Mark Attanasio’s input) about the short-term goals of the team.

Scouts have begun showing up in earnest at Brewers games, many centering around the starts of Yovani Gallardo and Kyle Lohse. Some of that is due diligence and “normal coverage” but some of it isn’t.

I was made aware of some specific interest in a pair of Brewers players late on Tuesday night which I’m passing along now, but not before the sadly necessary caveat that:


All I’m saying is that these teams are known to have shown interest in the players to which I’m about to connect them.

This first one is easily guessable based on the need of the team and has been discussed by myself and others on Twitter already.


The Detroit Tigers have shown interest in Francisco Rodriguez.

The Tigers’ bullpen is perilously thin at the back end, what with their desperate attempt to get something out of Jose Valverde this season after initially choosing not to bring him back following his late 2012 implosions. K-Rod has pitched very well for Milwaukee, and he’s on a cheap deal for the rest of 2013. The Brewers should be extra motivated to move Rodriguez to the right bidder given that he’s only on a one-year deal and will likely command a much higher price tag in free agency after the season.

Two teams are tied to the next player I’m discussing tonight.


Both the Tampa Bay Rays and Oakland Athletics have shown interest in Norichika Aoki.

Given that Aoki is controllable at an inexpensive rate in 2014, any team acquiring the former multi-time Japanese batting champion will be getting a year and a half of service out of him at the minimum.

In Oakland’s case, they don’t have an immediate need in their outfield but Aoki has proven to be a good hitter that would absolutely be useful for them. It could be a move with an eye on 2014 as well, however, as Coco Crisp is a free agent following this season.

For Tampa, they entered Tuesday just 2.0 games behind in their division and are barely getting any offensive production out of Matt Joyce at this point. Aoki would immediately upgrade their offense out of that lineup spot. Aoki has shown the ability to hit either first or second in a lineup, and both of those spots are currently filled normally by under-performing hitters.

So there you have it. Two ideas to wrap your minds around and see what you think about them. As I mentioned earlier, I don’t know that actual discussions have taken place between these teams and Milwaukee, so I don’t know what (if any) possible return the Brewers could expect from these possible trade partners.


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  2. oh Hal

    I’d rather they kept Aoki. The A’s have given up some talent in trades, but could Melvin get the plus return you’d expect at the trade deadline from TB? Do they ever lose trades?

  3. Larry Ervin

    Better not trade Aoki.Melvin you will be insane if you got rid of Aoki.Get rid Gindl or Schaffer.Someone like that but not Aoki.If you do that,you will be the dumbest,the most stupidest,ignorant,genenal manager in the league.This guy can win games for you so don’t be stupid and a fool.Get rid of Axford.Boy,I tell you Milwaukee team managers don’t know how to use their heads sometimes.They do some dumb things nowadays then they wonder why we don’t don’t get big name players here and win championships.Could of paid Fielder and Attanassio was scared to spend money.Now you don’t have a leader on the team.That is why the team is failing now.Now we about to lose Braun due to suspension.Now what? Better wake Melvin and Attanasio.You not going to have butts in the seats much longer.

    • Brewer Nation

      They couldn’t pay Fielder what Detroit is paying Fielder and still fill out the rest of the roster with enough talent to win.

      And they’re failing now because of a lack of internal reinforcements behind a rash of injuries and inconsistent starting pitching. Aoki, who will cost a lot more starting in ’15 is the type of desirable (and therefore valuable) asset that you can move to get some long-term help.

      As they say, “You gotta give something to get something.”

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