Brewer Nation In-Game: Brewers at Twins – Thursday, May 30, 2013

Let’s ride!

Tonight’s lineups:


CF Gomez
SS Segura
LF Braun
DH Ramirez
C Lucroy
1B Betancourt
RF Schafer
2B Weeks
3B Bianchi


3B Carroll
2B Dozier
DH Mauer
LF Willingham
1B Morneau
C Doumit
RF Parmalee
CF Hicks
SS Florimon

Tonight’s starting pitching matchup

Kyle Lohse (1-5, 3.76 ERA) vs RHP P.J. Walters (1-0, 3.00 ERA)

Game tidbits:


  1. Ryan Hewitt

    This team just has no confidence at all. It’s in all of their heads. Someone is gonna blow up at some point. Any guesses as to who? Mark, Doug, or RR?

    • Brewer Nation

      Nice to get some runs across. Maybe if the hitting starts to wake up the pitchers can relax, not feel like they have to be perfect, and maybe that leads to some better performances.

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