Brewer Nation In-Game: Brewers vs Twins – Tuesday, May 28, 2013

As I decided on Facebook last night, I wanted to try something different today to see how you fellow citizens take to it.

In an effort to give those that wish to avoid some of the comments over at the Facebook wall (or to those of you from other corners of the internet who don’t have a Facebook account) a place to congregate and hopefully have some more pointed discussion.

(To those unfamiliar, I have to approve someone’s first comment on the blog so as to help avoid spam comments. Once I see and approve your comment you’ll be free to banter in what should basically be real time.)

So, this is that place for the game mentioned in the subject. Let’s get you started with some pertinent information.

Here are tonight’s lineups…

RF Aoki*
SS Segura
LF Braun
3B Ramirez
CF Gomez
C Lucroy
2B Weeks
1B Betancourt
P Figaro

3B Carroll
2B Dozier
C Mauer*
LF Willingham
1B Morneau*
RF Doumit^
CF Hicks^
SS Florimon^
P Diamond*

^=Switch Hitter

Here is tonight’s pitching matchup:

RHP Alfredo Figaro (0-0 3.46) vs. LHP Scott Diamond (3-4, 4.96)

I’ll try to update this space and converse some tonight but since I’m partaking in the BrewersSMIM event there might be a problem with availability. I normally will be on this page throughout the game when I make one of these threads for the purposes of approve first-time commenters and interact with you while you interact with each other.

So take to the comments section below and thanks in advance! I’m hoping this takes off because it could facilitate good discussion and foster healthy debate.


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