Brewers, Twins to Wear Minor League Throwback Jerseys (Plus a Bit of History)

The Milwaukee Brewers and their “natural” interleague rival Minnesota Twins are set to renew pleasantries at the end of May.

Different this year, however, is that the teams play each other just four times instead of six with all four games this year being mid-week affairs. That aspect has to be frustrating for the fans of both teams who enjoy traveling to their neighboring state for the annual series.

What won’t be frustrating at all, at least in my opinion, is that the final game of the set (game two in Minnesota on Thursday, May 30th) will feature these awesome jerseys as modeled in this image I pulled from the excellent Uniwatch blog.


These are jerseys from the American Association which operated until 1997. The Brewers of that era operated from 1902-1952 and won eight pennants in those 51 seasons, spent at old Borchert Field.

They had a number of major league affiliates over the years, coincidentally enough feeding the Boston Braves from ’47-’52.

When the Boston Braves became the Milwaukee Braves in 1953, the minor league Brewers moved to Toledo, Ohio where they were re-labeled as the Sox or called the “T-Sox”.

The Twins will be honoring St. Paul’s old affiliated team, the St. Paul Saints.


  1. Minnesconsinite

    Very frustrating for those of us who grew up Brewer fans in Wisconsin and moved to Minnesota. I’d love to see the Brewers play up here more often.

  2. The Cub Den

    I love seeing throwback jerseys. I don’t know why they don’t match up the rivals Twins/Brewers more often? Another rivalry I’d like to see happen is the Jays/Tigers by putting them back in the same division.

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