Hey Everybody! (Guess Who’s Back?)

Following the 2012 season, the Brewers cleaned a lot of house when it came to relief pitching. That’s been well-documented here at the blog in a number of posts.

Among the casualties was the affable Tim Dillard who gave us moments like this one when he imitated ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian:

Well, a great thing happened not too long ago. Tim Dillard joined Twitter (finally!) under the handle of @DimTillard. He changes his avatar daily during week what with the Movie Quote Mondays, Tim Kurkjian Tuesdays, the newly christened George W Wednesdays, and of course Harry Caray Fridays. Dillard is funny, and personable.

And now he’s back in the Brewers organization.

Earlier today, he retweeted a congratulatory tweet from his former roommate. No context was given but I wondered if maybe the not-currently-in-baseball Dillard had found a job somewhere.

Then later in the day, Brewers.com beat writer Adam McCalvy let the cat out of the bag. He reported that when pitcher Chris Jakubauskas was injured at Triple-A Nashville, Dillard’s phone rang to see if he wanted back in. He accepted and will report to Nashville soon.

Welcome back to the side-arming specialist!

Now we just have to hope he stays active on Twitter.

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