Biogenesis Owner Corroborates Braun’s Assertion


Bad news, h8rz.

In a recent New York Daily News article, it was reported that the former owner of the now-defunct Biogenesis Wellness Clinic, Anthony Bosch, “backed up” the assertion of Ryan Braun from earlier this year.

That assertion was that the reason Braun’s name appeared in records of the clinic was simply and only because Braun’s legal team reached out to Bosch for consultation while preparing their successful appeal — through arbitration — of a suspension.

In an interview reported by ESPN Monday night, Bosch is quoted as saying:

“I just answered a few questions from his legal team, not from Braun or any other ballplayer.”

Certainly sounds like everything lines up with what Ryan Braun had to say about it. You remember, that entirely plausible explanation that the Brewers All-Star gave? The one that people who already didn’t believe Braun just dismissed with a hand wave and “isn’t that just perfectly convenient” diatribes?

Yeah, this one here.

So can we all return to giving Ryan Braun the benefit of the doubt which the system in place is supposed to allow him? He won his appeal and his explanation of his presence in Biogenesis documentation lines up.

Or isn’t that enough for you?


  1. kollin7

    It angers me so much that the media has completely destroyed Braun’s reputation with no proof. People who actually followed this story should know Braun is innocent, but the people who say he’s done PEDs are too ignorant and lazy to do so.

  2. dan

    blaming the media is ridiculous. The players need to understand, that working with someone shady, makes you look shady. Braun had nobody to blame but himself for the suspicion he caused. Lesson learned.

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