Rumor Mill: This One Makes Some Sense, But…

Let’s get to the point because you’ve all been patient while I waited for my son to go to sleep on his 3rd birthday before sitting down long enough to actually blog.

From the same source that allowed me to be the first to bring you the news that the Brewers were talking contract with Francisco Rodriguez, comes this little nugget.

First, the quick disclaimer…

This happened. I am in no way saying that anything else happened yet. I’m not guaranteeing that it will lead anywhere at all. I’ll tell you what happened and where I think it could lead and why, but I am not saying that my source told me reasons around this rumor at all.


All that was passed along to me was, and I quote…

“Yankees inquired about Gonzalez.”

I asked which one and was told, “Alex”.

So there you have it. The Yankees, who aren’t expected to welcome Derek Jeter back to the lineup until around the All-Star break, are exploring at least one option to bolster their depth chart at the shortstop position.

If I were Brian Cashman, I certainly wouldn’t very happy with Jayson Nyx (misspelled on purpose) as my primary infield back up. Gonzalez has shown his newly-added defensive versatility as well which could be very enticing to Cashman as a cheap upgrade.

Be honest, at this point it probably wouldn’t cost a whole lot to acquire Gonzalez from the Brewers. He’s playing out of necessity more so than because he’s playing particularly well.

Still, even though an initial inquiry was made, this doesn’t feel like something that would happen until, at the absolute soonest, Jeff Bianchi or Aramis Ramirez was ready to come off of the disabled list.

I have no idea what Alex Gonzalez would fetch in return at this point, but that’s why I’m not working in a front office. Also, I have no concept of low-to-mid-level minor leaguers in the Yankees system.

That all being said, I have no knowledge of what if anything was said as a reply by the Brewers.

Still, I wanted to pass this along tonight. So, what do you think? Would you? Why wouldn’t you?


  1. Karen Haller

    these are the kind of problems that i like for the Brewers, I am glad that they see how valuable Yuni but don’t know about Gonzalas and when Aramis comes back? but nice to have someone on standby if an injury happens and he is valuable in the variety of places that he plays well in. Our injury record is pretty bad this year.

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