Guess Who’s Coming to Milwaukee?

I heard a rumor this afternoon that I’ve been trying to vet since.

Aramis Ramirez reinjured his knee in Friday night’s game against he Arizona Diamondbacks at Miller Park. It is said to have been similar to the injury that cost him just under two weeks of time in the Cactus League, though Ramirez told reporters that the knee hurts worse this time around.

Ramirez was scheduled for an MRI Saturday morning and word is anxiously awaited about his immediate future. If the team thinks it’ll only be a few days, they could keep the veteran third baseman active on the bench for those days. However, given that the Brewers are already with a reduced bench because of a stuffed bullpen, and that Ryan Braun may need another day off as well, and that their only back up infielder in the first place is Yuniesky Betancourt…the stars are aligning for a DL stint for Ramirez regardless of the severity of the injury.

But who?

I looked over the 40-man roster last night and tried to determine who it could be. Scooter Gennett is a second baseman and the team needs coverage at third. Maybe they could bring up Hunter Morris and put Alex Gonzalez over at the hot corner, but that would require a 40-man roster move. Same with Stephen Parker (the 3B the Brewers got when they traded Darren Byrd to the Oakland Athletics) or Blake Davis. Nothing seemed to make sense.

Then I got a tip about an hour ago.

I felt dumb for not having thought of it myself, but sitting there on the 40-man roster is a former shortstop who has learned to play to outfield to increase his versatility. That’s experience on the left side of the infield. The versatility also adds a backup to both the infield and the outfield with just one roster spot. I interviewed him at Brewers On Deck, which makes me feel even more spacey for not having thought of him.

But I’ve had it confirmed now that friend of the blog Josh Prince is on his way to Miller Park.

Prince AFL

Josh Prince takes a cut in an Arizona Fall League Game.

There’s a chance that he won’t be activated in time for tonight’s game, but it appears as though he’ll be wearing #25 whenever he is.

How he is utilized and what trickle-down effect that has on the other would be starters is up to Ron Roenicke of course.

Congratulations to Josh Prince! How long he’s up will be directly related to how healthy other players become. Whether Ramirez, Bianchi, or Green, whoever is healthy first likely pushes Prince back down to Nashville, but what a moment for the young man!

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