Brewers To Sign Lohse


Shortly after I entered a meeting this morning (of course), Jon Heyman of alerted the world through Twitter that free agent starting pitcher Kyle Lohse was on his way to Maryvale Baseball Park to take a physical as he prepares to sign with the Milwaukee Brewers.

The reported contract is for three years at about $33 million in total dollars.

This will cost the Brewers their first round draft choice in the upcoming First-Year Player Draft as well.

What this means for the roster is that Lohse moves into the rotation, presumably slotted behind Yovani Gallardo. That means that either Mike Fiers or Wily Peralta will start the season down in Nashville’s rotation.

More info as I come across it for sure. I just wanted to get the basic stuff out here now. I’ll also blog later about my feelings about what Lohse actually can bring to the table this year. What’s lost is lost, so you won’t hear me lament about the draft pick too much in that follow up piece.

I will say now though that based on what Doug Melvin has said publicly, this is clearly a situation where Lohse’s agent, Scott Boras, went over Melvin’s head.

I’ll also pass along the Brewers official announcement about the signing when it is released.


  1. bbartel2012

    I look forward to your expanded thoughts on that. I had heard that Boras was talking to MA, but I didn’t even consider the breach of chain of command. I hope you detail this in your post. Tanks. I really enjoy your site.

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