Brewers Down to Thirteen World Baseball Classic Participants


Ron Roenicke is getting some of his wishes granted, though not all of them just yet.

Earlier today it was confirmed that RHP Nick Bucci was declining his invitation to pitch for Team Canada in the World Baseball Classic because his shoulder was giving him a little trouble this spring and he didn’t want to take any chances.

That’s a legitimate shame for Bucci who told me at the time of his selection that “Being able to represent Canada in the mecca of baseball is truly a blessing and downright honor.”

Now this evening, the news comes down that centerfielder Carlos Gomez won’t be playing for the Dominican Republic as he was been set to do. Gomez decided that focusing on his regular season preparation in a contract year was more important at this stage of his career.

The Brewers still have 13 players set to participate.

They are:

Team USA (2)

  • Ryan Braun
  • Jonathan Lucroy (Twitter: @JLucroy20)

Team Mexico (2)

  • Yovani Gallardo
  • Marco Estrada

Team Canada (4)

Team Puerto Rico (2)

Team Italy (1)

  • Jeff Bianchi

Team Netherlands (1)

Team Australia (1)


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