Braun’s Name Written Down Again, EVERYBODY PANIC!

braun 021513

Following Ryan Braun’s statement today at Maryvale Baseball Park in Phoenix, Arizona as he reported to camp, one may have had cause to hope that we were at least somewhat moving past this whole Biogenesis thing.

Then, because timing is everything, ESPN’s Outside The Lines published a report claiming that they obtained another document with Ryan Braun’s name on it. Despite the document supposedly being written in Tony Bosch’s handwriting, and Tony Bosch himself being quoted in the report saying that the allegations against him are “bulls—” and “all wrong”, ESPN talked to a “source familiar with the documents” who sad that there’s “no other reason” to be on that list unless you received PEDs from Bosch because that list is, the “source familiar” said, a list for players who received PEDs from Bosch.

Oh, and the piece of paper lists a plus sign and “1500” next to Ryan Braun’s name. That’s certainly convenient because of the earlier declarations that “RB 20-30 K” was too high to be an amount owed for PEDs. Now all of the sudden we have another piece of paper with a smaller amount written on it.

Martin Singer, an attorney who represents Braun, was quoted in the article with the following response to this new piece of paper and insinuation by ESPN:

“My client confirmed last week that there was an alleged claim for money owed to Mr. Bosch because he had been used as a consultant by my client’s attorneys in his successful appeal with MLB last year. Several witnesses can corroborate how Mr. Bosch requested over thousands of dollars for his consulting with my client’s attorneys last year. My client has no relationship with Tony Bosch, and the only relationship Mr. Bosch had was with my client’s attorneys as a consultant.”

Singer, the report states, said that if Braun’s name appears in the documents it is only because Bosch was trying to get whatever money he could from Braun from the consulting arrangement. “It is clear that this is all false,” Singer said.

The ESPN report then states that Singer “threatened legal action against ESPN if it aired or published this report.”

Nothing like a good old fashioned lack of actionable evidence to prompt an ESPN report about how Braun likely took PEDs.

To be fair, the article does implicitly state:

“The list is not definitive proof that Braun either received or used PEDs — either would be a suspendable offense under Major League Baseball policy — but may draw him more squarely into the spotlight as the league investigates the scandal and tries to draw the interest of law enforcement.”

But then goes on for roughly 1000 words to connect the dots for readers whether they’re there or not.

Note: For what it’s worth, I don’t normally editorialize directly in posts where I relay the news items themselves, but at this point I wanted to.

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