Ron Roenicke Comments on Braun, Yahoo Sports’ Report

The media spent some time with Ron Roenicke at Maryvale Baseball Park today on the first full day of workouts of Spring Training. Among his comments, he addressed the Yahoo Sports report that exposed Ryan Braun’s name as being written among the records of Tony Bosch’s defunct Biogenesis clinic in Miami.

Here is the original full article where this quote is taken from, by beat writer Adam McCalvy: Roenicke: Braun story “shouldn’t be out there”

Says Roenicke:
“It’s a pet peeve, I guess, of mine: Don’t bring up anybody’s name and put it in there if you’re questioning it,” Roenicke said. “If there’s something going on and there’s a


definite [transgression], fine, that’s your job to put it out there. But don’t bring up names that you’re not sure of and then retract it later, because it never is retracted from the fans or the people that are out there. Never. There are some people who will say, ‘OK, they shouldn’t have put it out there,’ but for the majority, it’s still there in their mind. So it shouldn’t be out there.

“That’s what I have an issue with. You want to bring up somebody’s name, then you’d better be sure when you’re bringing it up. It’s very unfair to the player, and that’s what I have an issue with. It’s not right.

“To be honest with you, I’m not really thinking about handling it or anything until there’s more information on what is there,” Roenicke said. “I can’t make comments on something I know nothing about. I talked to Ryan, he’s coming in and I know he’s going to have to deal with some press issues, but we’re just going to move on with it as if nothing’s there. …

“It was different last year. We knew what the specifics were last year,” Roenicke said. “I knew what to address, what I wasn’t supposed to talk about. I knew where he was on those issues. I don’t know anything [now]. Let’s see where we are. It may be nothing. If it’s just the thing with the lawyer and payments, then it’s nothing.”

Personally, I’m in agreement with Roenicke on this. Braun was not listed with any apparent connection to any wrongdoing in the records, so there wasn’t reason to release his name. That goes the same for the other players who weren’t listed with any mention of banned substances, illegal drugs, or anything else. Just being written down on a piece of paper does not imply guilt nor should it be a decision-maker regarding innocence or guilt to anyone with journalistic integrity.

As I’ve said before on radio appearances, on Twitter, and other media, nothing that came out of Miami and Biogenesis should sway your opinion because it is explainable simply as a piece of information about what happened in Braun’s successful suspension appeal.

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  1. cassbee

    Reblogged this on A woman with an internal GPS and commented:
    I’m always excited about Brewers baseball…I get the fever, and it won’t go away until I get to see or hear a game from Spring Training (it breaks up the awful wintery feel of Chicago. Ugh.) But this drives me crazy. I wish they’d leave Braun alone. Braun’s “story” really doesn’t need to be out there, and there are other players’ story that should. Braun is a good player. After missing 50 games last year (due to last year’s escapade), he came back and put up the same stats as the previous year in half the season. Can’t we accept that he’s a good player, and not try to dust up some hearsay? At this point, that what it is, and I agree with Roenicke.

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