Hot Stove Report: Brewers Just Say “Nay”

So on Sunday evening a friend reached out to me to let me know that there was a nebulous trade idea being discussed concerning the Milwaukee Brewers.

I tweeted about it and that I was chasing said rumor so that you all would know that there might be something on the horizon…

…but also that it didn’t feel like anything was going to happen based on the little that I was told.

After vetting the information a bit more, I found different things that I had not been told and that changed the situation a little bit.

First, let me make one thing perfectly clear:

As it was explained to me, the Brewers said “no” to this trade idea by way of not even responding to it.

In other words, they weren’t even interested enough to start dialogue with the other team.

Again, there is to be no backlash on the Brewers if you don’t want them to consider moving the player who was targeted by the other team.

Okay then…

The Tampa Bay Rays put together a trade idea targeting Brewers second baseman Rickie Weeks.

Weeks 2011 Photo Day

The specifics were still a bit fluid as additional names weren’t passed my way and there was more discussion about the amount of salary each team would be moving. The Rays were thought to be sending two MLB players and were looking to acquire Weeks, and two minor leaguers (one pitcher, one hitter).

One more time, no other names were officially included, and the inclusion of Weeks was only confirmed by that the Rays asked to review a copy of Weeks’ contract. Then they formulated a base offer which, I was told, the Brewers did not respond to.

Weeks would make a ton of sense for the Rays. He would fill their often poor second base position, provide offense at the top of their lineup in a group that might be light on power potential overall, and wouldn’t be around after a couple of years at a big dollar amount if they didn’t want him to be. It’s a cost-certain situation that the Rays would get into, and they love those.

So, fellow Brewers and Rickie Weeks fans, worry not at this time. Nothing doing as far as I was told.

That doesn’t means Weeks will never be moved. He could still end up as a Ray one day. We all know that Weeks is a Florida native and resident with ties to the community. For now just be aware that there is a front office out there who is know for taking reasoned, smart chances that wanted to bring Rickie Weeks in.

Other than that, have a great day and look forward to seeing Weeks and a vast majority of his Milwaukee Brewer teammates at Brewers On Deck this Sunday.


  1. Conrad Ditewig

    Trade him now please!!! Who ever you are saying this was fake you must be new here…The person that does this blog is very well informed and not once in my time of reading has he ever posted false rumors as a matter of fact he points out that they are rumors!!!! Also he seems to report alot of this stuff weeks before it happens which is why this is my favorite place for Brewers news…………….

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