Brewers Sign Former Rookie of the Year

crosby’s Ken Rosenthal just tweeted out the following:

This is an absolute no-risk signing by the Milwaukee Brewers. Minimal dollars, talented player (at least defensively), and they don’t have to worry about a 40-man roster spot at this point.

Crosby won the American League Rookie of the Year Award back in 2004 as a 24-year-old after hitting .239/.319/.426 with 22 home runs and plus defense despite striking out 141 times in 623 plate appearances. He never hit more than nine home runs in a season after that but also never reached 400 plate appearances in a season again save for 2008 when he played a full, healthy year.

His career was knocked off track by injury and lack of bat but he isn’t coming to big league camp at Maryvale because they expect him to hit. If Crosby made the 25-man roster it would be as backup SS and utility IF, the exact role Donnie Murphy was signed to compete with Jeff Bianchi for as well.

Crosby hasn’t played in the majors since 2010.

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