Brewers Avoid Arbitration With Estrada, Badenhop

The Milwaukee Brewers entered this week with just a handful of players eligible for arbitration.

As individually chronicled, both Carlos Gomez and John Axford agreed to one-year contracts already. Then word was spread that the other two remaining potential arbitration cases were resolved by way of one-year deals as well.

Those deals now belong to Marco Estrada and new relief pitcher Burke Badenhop.

Brewers beat writer for the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel tweeted the specific contract details for both men.


Estrada made $486,000 in his final year of pre-arbitration salary. As discussed in the previously linked Axford article, the first year of arbitration eligibility results in a significant jump in compensation. Estrada will make just over four times as much in 2013 as he did last season. Part of that reflects the change in his role to full-fledged rotation member.


Badenhop’s situation can be a tricky one at times. Eligible for arbitration, new team who hasn’t seen you firsthand. Often these cases (like Jose Veras last year) go all the way to a hearing. Fortunately, Badenhop is more realistic about his value and got this out of the way. He is now free to focus solely on physical and mental preparation for the season without the annoyance of legal proceedings distracting him from those efforts.

As a third-time eligible player after being a Super 2 following the 2010 season with the Florida Marlins, Badenhop gets a raise over his $1.075 million salary in 2012.

Congratulations to all involved. To both sides for agreeing to fair figures, the players for getting raises and wanting to avoid distraction, and the club for retaining two valuable pieces at acceptable prices.

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