“Brewers By the (Jersey) Numbers” Set To Get Underway

Milwaukee Brewers

That’s right, friends! My “Brewers By the (Jersey) Numbers” blog series will be back this year and is about to get underway this weekend (with one “bonus” post coming up between now and then).

In case you forgot or weren’t reading a year ago, in the series I countdown to Opening Day by previewing an individual Brewers player on the day corresponding to the same number of days before Opening Day by their assigned uniform number in Spring Training. I take a look back at their 2012 season, preview their 2013 both in terms of statistical projection and their chance at making the Opening Day 25-man roster, and tell you a bit about their career to this point. That last point is especially true to new faces to the organization.

And there are a bunch of new faces this year. In fact, the 2012 season both during and after resulted in a lot of roster changeover from 2012 Opening Day. 13 members of the 25-man Opening Day roster in 2012 for the Brewers aren’t with the organization anymore.

So while you may feel like an article previewing Yovani Gallardo’s season has been done before, it’ll still be fresh. In addition, with all of the new faces there will be plenty for you to learn or maybe relearn about your favorite team’s talent.

Getting back to the way I order the articles though; I realize that might be a little confusing, the way it’s worded. Allow me to give a couple of examples.

Opening Day of the 2013 regular season for the Milwaukee Brewers is Monday, April 1st. Ryan Braun wears #8. He therefore gets previewed on March 24th which is eight days prior to Opening Day. Likewise, Wily Peralta who wears #60 will be profiled on January 31st which is 60 days prior to Opening Day.

Make sense? If not, you’ll start to get the idea soon enough.

Thanks again for making The Brewer Nation the 8th most-read fan blog in the MLBlogs Network in 2012. Here’s to a solid start with plenty of worthwhile information in 2013!

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