Vote. Braun.

Do you remember the vote last year in order to find out which Major League Baseball stadium was considered to be the best in the land? Jim Caple slotted Miller Park as the #24 seed and through a combination of annoyance and disrespect we rose as one and really pissed Jim Caple off more than once throughout the process. So much was his angst that he actively campaigned against Miller Park in his columns during each subsequent round following an advancement by The Keg.


Well, friends and fellow Brewers fans, we have the opportunity for our voices to be heard again.

Growing up, every kid playing a sport dreams of one day playing in a championship game and being directly involved in a victorious outcome. That’s a timeless tale. Another is that every kid yearns to be featured on a baseball card. Lately, however, the currently increasing majority in sport is from the video game generation and seeing one’s pixelated likeness for the first time has become at least as much of a rush for a young player as anything.

Taking that one step further would be to grace the cover of that video game’s packaging. Madden Curse aside (which has finally been overcome, by the way), being the face of a game is an honor which this generation doesn’t (and shouldn’t) take lightly. It’s cool.

That is what we have a chance to decide this year as for the first time the acclaimed franchise of MLB: The Show is opening up a fan vote to determine the cover boy of its 2013 edition.

Do it.

Make no mistake though that this will be no easy victory. In the running are seven of the game’s brightest stars including one from the reigning World Champion San Francisco Giants who, as you may recall from All-Star Game voting last year, know how to stuff an electronic ballot box.

The seven players up for consideration, along with some of their credentials as to why, are:

  • Matt Kemp – Los Angeles Dodgers
    • Runner-up for the 2011 NL MVP
    • Huge market
  • Andrew McCutchen – Pittsburgh Pirates
    • Face of a franchise who could certainly use a moral victory
    • Received MVP votes in 2012
    • 2012 NL All-Star
  • Bryce Harper – Washington Nationals
    • 2012 NL Rookie of the Year
    • 2012 NL All-Star
  • CC Sabathia – New York Yankees
    • Huge market
    • Winningest pitcher in baseball over past several seasons
  • Buster Posey – San Francisco Giants
    • 2012 NL All-Star
    • 2012 NL Comeback Player of the Year
    • 2012 NL MVP (and numerous other awards)
    • Passionate fan base known for ballot-stuffing
    • 2012 World Series Champion
  • Miguel Cabrera – Detroit Tigers
    • 2012 AL Champion
    • AL Triple Crown Winner
    • Huge support from outside his market and outside this country

And the seventh player that one can vote for is Milwaukee’s favored son: Ryan Braun!


Do it.

There’s been no shortage of Ryan Braun being in the news over the past 18 months. From his National League MVP in 2011 leading the Brewers to a franchise-record 96 Wins to leading the club to an appearance in the National League Championship Series to playing even better in this past season and finishing 2nd in the 2012 NL MVP voting after posting a 40/30 season, all while dealing with the fallout from one evening in October 2011….

It’s been a tremendous run, one worthy of being the face of the most successful MLB-themed video game franchise.

But, beginning on Monday, January 7th we have to make that worthiness equate to votes.

Do it.

Here’s how we do it.

  1. Head to this link:
  2. Vote Braun however it is that you do so.
    1. Clicking on the Vote button, then choose your preferred social network to vote on; tweeting the #MLB13BRAUN hash tag, or posting to Facebook via the app it asks you to install. Whichever method you choose (hopefully both), do it.
  3. Repeat as often as they’ll let you.
  4. Tell your Brewers fan friends to read this article and follow these same steps.

This is doable. As Brewers fans our favorite team plays in the smallest media market in the league and one of the smallest based on population yet we still average nearly 3 million tickets sold per season. We have a strong voice when we unify behind a common goal. Let this be that latest goal.

Vote Braun.

Do it. Hey…hey…do it.mauryfinkle

Vote. Braun.



  1. Alicia Barnhart

    Glad fans pissed Jim Caple off. AT&T Park is underwhelming. Miller Park is interesting architecturally and the tailgating make it a unique baseball experience. Best of luck with Braun! 🙂

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