Lucroy Misses Cutoff, Payday

If you missed my tweet from earlier this evening (or maybe aren’t on Twitter and rely on blogs for news), Brewers catcher Jonathan Lucroy got some bad news today.

The service time cutoff for players who would be eligible for salary arbitration under the “Super 2” designation was announced today. As expected, Lucroy fell days short of meeting the requirement.

You may say “So what? Luc just signed a five-year contract so he’s not arbitration eligible anyway.” You’d be factually correct, should you say this, but that’s also not the entirety of the situation.

In the negotiations regarding Lucroy’s extension a stipulation was put in place to compensate Lucroy if he wound up qualifying for Super 2 status. The stipulation stated that Lucroy would be paid an additional $2 million.

They put that language in the contract because players achieving Super 2 status earn more money during the first six years of team control. As Lucroy was giving up that opportunity should he have qualified, the extra money was there to help make up the difference in what he might have made in the additional year of arbitration eligibility.

The bottom line here is the contract extension will pay Lucroy $11 million instead of $13 million. I’m sure it’s a bit of a bummer for Luc, but it’s the way the system works right now.

The silver lining from a team perspective though is that they now have an additional $2 million in the 2013 budget.


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