Who Would You Rather See Brewers Sign?

ESPN’s Buster Olney blogged about how Josh Hamilton would be a fit in Milwaukee should he choose to not re-sign with the Texas Rangers, but only if concerns about his baseball future depress his contract offers.

This resurrection of a topic that many affluent Brewers bloggers have been trying to kill off led to some discussion on Twitter today regarding how the Brewers might best spend the majority of their available payroll*.

Cast your vote in the poll below and let’s help figure this whole thing out.


  1. saw111671

    No interest in Hamilton. Our offense is solid and there’s no room for him unless you then deal Hart or Aoki for some pitching. My free agent wish list is Anibal Sanchez, Brandon League, Bobby Jenks, JP Howell and Koji Uehara. Any 2 of these 5 will greatly help this team win the Central division in 2013.

  2. Larry Fischer

    I think Gomez has too much potential for mere benchwork. As if leading the league in homeruns and extra base hits isn’t enough. The Brewers have enough power in ther prime of their carreers. The Bullpen clearly kept the team out of the playoffs this season.

  3. Dina

    We really need to shore up the bullpen. Get rid of Parra, K-Rod and Loe. Maybe move Marcum
    to the bullpen. He might do ok there.

  4. ryan hewitt

    Hamilton would be a crazy risk, there is a reason why texas is turning their back on him. Offense is fine, go after Grilli,Adams, and try to work a deal for James Shields using Gamel etc. If that doesn’t work, Loshe or Sanchez might be more realistic.

  5. Katherine Ferraro

    As much as I would love to see Hamilton sign with the Brewers, I love our outfield as it is, and I wouldn’t want to see Gomez or Aoki (duh, no one’s going to bench Braun) be a benchwarmer. They’re too good and don’t deserve that. If we had somewhere to put Hamilton, that’d be great in my opinion. But I just don’t think we have room for him.

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