All Five Brewers Home Runs Hit on Sunday, September 2, 2012

So, I’m not entirely sure why only the Braun video shows up as watchable directly on the page, but you can link directly to the other individual clips by clicking on the images.

Ryan Braun – First Inning, 3-Run Blast off the NYCE Club

Jeff Bianchi – Second Inning, Solo Shot; The second home run of his career

Rickie Weeks – Second Inning, 2-Run Bomb off the scoreboard

Carlos Gomez – Third Inning, 2-Run Rope to left

Yovani Gallardo – Fourth Inning, Solo Shot; 10th Career Home Run as a pitcher makes him the Brewers franchise leader

One comment

  1. bpvsev

    The boys are beginning to work it out. A learning season for sure this year. I didn’t get to see them, so your work on getting the videos here is awesome and much appreciated! Good work. By the way……congrats on getting on Social Media during the last game!

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