Zack Greinke Traded to The The Angels Angels of Anaheim, Orange County, California

Sometimes, it’s just fine when things go the other way.

According to multiple reports (but first reported by Fox Sports’ Ken Rosental and Jon Morosi), the Milwaukee Brewers have traded starting pitcher Zack Greinke to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim for a package of prospects centering around young shortstop Jean Segura. The deal also includes a pair of Double-A level pitchers coming to the Brewers organization.

Segura is a fine centerpiece for a deal for Greinke and it’ll be interesting to see exactly who else is coming along for the ride. Jean Carlos Enrique Segura is a 22-year-old shortstop from San Juan, Dominican Republic. He bats right-handed and stands 5’10”, weighing 165 pounds.

Segura is highly-touted, played in the MLB Futures Game during All-Star Weekend this year and made his Major League debut just four days ago on July 24th.

To begin his career in the Brewers’ system, he (and the two pitchers) have been assigned to the Double-A affiliate Huntsville Stars.

His career minor league slash line over parts of six seasons is .310/.364/.438 along with 26 HR and 135 SB. He is still maturing physically and has been said to have 20 HR potential down the line.

The final report from Texas’ beat writer TR Sullivan is that the Brewers asked for 3B prospect Mike Olt as the centerpiece of a deal but Texas balked at the idea.

Likely what happened was that the larger idea became too complicated with Milwaukee definitely not wanting to move Corey Hart at this time and the Rangers becoming unsure of Profar’s readiness. So, the talks pared down into a smaller framework but the two sides still couldn’t match up in the end.

We’re still waiting word on the identities of the pitchers coming to Milwaukee, and this space will be updated with their information when we learn it.

For now though, thanks to Zack Greinke for the memories of a spectacular 2011 and always being able to count on his performance at Miller Park.

UPDATE (7:23 pm): The minor league pitchers included in the deal to Milwaukee are Ariel Pena and Johnny Hellweg.

Gathering information on them now and will update again in a short bit.

UPDATE (7:32 pm): While gathering info on the pitchers, the news broke on Twitter that the necessary 40-man roster moves to accommodate these acquisitions are that OF Brock Kjeldgaard and SS Edwin Maysonet have been Designated For Assignment.


  1. FG

    “Likely what happened was that the larger idea became too complicated with Milwaukee definitely not wanting to move Corey Hart at this time and the Rangers becoming unsure of Profar’s readiness.” ….<<<Still trying to pump the iimplication that Andrus-Feliz for Greinke-Hart was somehow being seriously explored and worked from as a base idea, I see. Even when the actual deal was nothing even remotely of that level of value. Wow.

    • Brewer Nation

      Who said Feliz? And Ken Rosenthal tweeted that Olt wasn’t the final asking price and that Texas felt that a package including Perez (who I mentioned specifically) wasn’t to their liking. That easily could have included Andrus too.

      If you don’t have anything better to do with your time, you can go back and read how I was first on Derrek Lee getting an offer from the Brewers and how the contract figures I reported on the last discussions Greinke and Melvin had about an extension to stay in Milwaukee were accurate.

      Or, just keep on keeping on.

  2. FG

    Sorry, I mistyped (was thinking Perez, typed Feliz) …meant to say that your angle is that the Rangers and Brewers were working from a base back-and-forth using Andrus-Perez for Greinke-Hart …which is beyond absurd. The Brewers got 3 AA prospects, which is the type of return you get for a rental.

  3. FG

    “Could have easily included Andrus too” ….And yes, pigs could fly too. You apparently have no idea how ludicrous the idea of Andrus for a rental is. Or the value of Perez, who has way more value than you have any idea of….I can accept the idea that MILW would ask for Perez, that’s at least rational in an “ask for a bit more than you really think you can get” sorta way. And as expected, the Rangers would say, “Nah, you’re shooting for the moon” and suggest a more modest value ….But the idea that somehow Andrus just gets tossed into the deal? No chance, dude. That’s not a Texas view, that’s something everyone who knows anything about baseball would say to such a crazy suggestion. If you made it up thinking it would fly, you better reassess ….and if someone else told you that, you’re gonna lose all credibility listening to their thoughts and repeating them.

  4. Clint Gritt

    FG….why are you such a dick? Either enoy this blog or don’t. Please though STFU. Thanks.

    Thanks for the information, sir. I do think their was a deal on the table as you have submitted. I am glad they didn’t include Hart. I believe they made a real good deal as it turned out.

  5. FG

    Clint, is the comment section somehow reserved only for those who want to suck up? This is my feedback, based on the fact that I’m not willing to check my common sense at the door. Andrus is far too valuable to be swapped for a rental, and if it bothers you to hear pushback on such silliness, what a shame.

    I’m not saying the author has noting to offer. But in this case, someone has made up a nonsense tale, and I’m willing to say so. When you see the actual return that Melvin got (3 pretty good prospects, but none of them even ranked n the top 40 minor-league prospects in baseball), and compare it to “23 year old major league all-star at a premium position,” that should help you see how far this item was from being in touch with reality.

  6. Clint Gritt

    Obviously it is not sir. That isn’t really what you were doing giving an opinion. You were disregarding the bloggers opinion while not acepting him at his word…..which was that he had a source stating what he did. No way in the world you can know but you basically called him a liar. So I will restate my opinion that you were being a dick and ask you to kindly stop it sir. Thanks

  7. FG

    Obviously I don’t buy the tale that was being spun. I didn’t say the blogger was full of it, but I am of the opinion that someone certainly was – – because the story being told is so fanciful. A young all-star player at a premium defensive position like Andrus simply isn’t ever going to be under consideration for a rent-a-player deal, because it’s such a massive overpayment….What makes sense is that someone saw the Brewers chasing a left-side infielder, saw Texas mentioned as a major suitor, saw that Texas wouldn’t consider Profar (too good of a prospect for a rent a player), and made the faulty leap (with a story included to match) to the idea that Andrus must be on the table….Milwaukee got 3 AA prospects – which together is about a hundredth of the value of an Andrus. …Not sure who created the story, but it’s nutty to believe. If you can’t handle the truth, sorry for your naivete.

  8. ICE

    I am sure Brewers’ fans are going to miss him. But losing Jean was a big blow to our depleting farm system. The Angels are all in. Zack Greinke is part of the puzzle. Hopefully the Angels can sign him long-term. Take care of Jean he is no slouch either.

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