Here’s What I Know…So Far

I tweeted this morning that I woke up to an interesting text message on my phone but that I wanted to chase details before sharing.

For those of you who demonstrated patience, thank you. Here is what I know right now.

The Milwaukee Brewers have requested a copy of the contract of a certain player so that they can review it.

I’ll share the name in a minute, but what that means is that they want to review all of the particulars of the player’s contract so that they’re aware of any bonuses, escalators, incentives, clauses, etc,  which are above and beyond standard MLB contract language.

What this IMPLIES is that the Brewers are considering acquiring said player and want to know what they’d be getting into if they did so. In no way should this become a “the Brewers are absolutely trading for this player” declaration.

At least not yet.

The player in question is Texas Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus. Yes, that’s not Jurickson Profar but it’s still exciting. Andrus is a proven talent and still only 23 years old.

This has come about because the word is that the Rangers view Profar as MLB-ready and therefore could move to Andrus in a package to acquire a package of players centered around Brewers’ starting pitcher Zack Greinke.

Rumored to be involved going to Texas along with Greinke if this deal actually comes off? A relief pitcher and a position player. Yes I’ve been told the names, but too often the supporting pieces in a deal change so I’ll keep quiet on that for now. Rumored to be coming back to Milwaukee with Andrus is (at least) a touted minor league starting pitcher.

I’ll stay on this to see if it gets further down the road or if fizzles.

Try to remember that even deals announced as “done” by professional media (most recently Dempster to Braves) can still fall apart for a number of reasons.

And I’m not saying at all that there is a deal that’s fully on the table.

All I know for sure is that Milwaukee had cause to find out additional information about Elvis Andrus.

Keep that in mind.


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  3. oh Hal

    Doug Melvin depresses me immensely. If he said no to Olt because there would be a one year overlap with Aramis, he should be called out by Attanasio. How often and how many ways can a guy fail.

  4. Flig

    This is fairly hilarious. There’s 0 chance Texas trades one of the best SS in the league for a rental player and a few toss ins. Profar isn’t viewed as MLB ready by basically anyone btw.

  5. Jake Kooker

    As a rangers’ fan, I’d be very surprised to see them give up Andrus; he might not be quite as highly scouted as Greinke, but he’s still a two-time all-star at age 23. So unless those two players you’re not yet mentioning are significant pieces (i.e., starters that the Rangers would get back) I’d be surprised to see JD make such a move given that Greinke can walk after this season. That said, Scott Boras is a P.O.S. . . . .

  6. John W Stewart

    Just heard it’s going to be Greinke and Gallardo(?) for Andrus and Mike Olt. I live in DFW. I would take that with a grain of salt, as it has not been confirmed.

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  8. Yancey

    I know we need an ace, but has really come into his own as a superb shortstop with great double turning skills.

  9. Hahaha

    I’m just going to throw this out there…Milwaukee might WANT Andrus, but it’s not happening without Gallardo being involved. Even then, this false rumor makes no sense. Anyone can make a MLBlog and write things they “hear”

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