Brewers Offer To Greinke, Two Scoutings to Note

No need for much build up here.

On the heels of Monday’s Rumor Roundup, I wanted to bring you all some more information which I’ve learned.

Jon Heyman of CBS Sports reported that a deal at least at the Brewers magic number of $100 million over five years and as high as the Matt Cain extension which was signed during Spring Training could be on the table for Brewers starting pitcher Zack Greinke. When asked by the local media, Greinke himself confirmed that an offer had been made by Milwaukee but only said that Heyman’s report was more or less accurate.

Well, I was told a bit more specifically what the terms were in Milwaukee Brewers offered contract extension to Zack Greinke which was reported by the media over the weekend.

The base offer, as of last week Friday, was the $100 million over five years but with incentives that could push it near the Cain deal in terms of total compensation. Those incentives were tied to All-Star Games and Cy Young Award voting.

If Greinke ends up rejecting those terms, the Brewers could always modify their offer. Perhaps they already have. But those were the basic terms in what was offered.

I guess, in a way, I’m doing what many other people do and basically confirming parts of Heyman’s original report but I am offering more specifics about where the base salary in the offer is, how the money is structured, and how Greinke can increase the compensation.

As for the scouting, I have learned that the Brewers recently scouted a pair of Giants farmhands. They’re both pitchers, one currently at Triple-A and one currently pitching at the Double-A level.

Those pitchers are Yusmeiro Petit and Chris Heston, respectively.

It’s possible that this is somehow “normal coverage” that we’ve been told to expect, but I mention it because of two reasons.

1. It’s trading season
2. The Giants were one of the teams I was told showed specific interest in Corey Hart.

Hart has been linked to the Giants before, a couple of years back, so we know that GM Brian Sabean likes him as a player.

Petit doesn’t exactly blow my skirt up. He’s 27, only controllable for what appears to be maybe two seasons, and despite decent numbers at Triple-A this year he’s got a poor MLB track record.

Chris Heston excites a little more based solely on his numbers and age. He’s 6’4″, 190lbs, 24 years old, 7-4 with a 2.30 ERA and and has only allowed 2 HR in nearly 105.2 IP this season. His ground ball to fly ball rate for outs is 1.67 and he also misses bats as he’s tallied 95 K to this point.

Again, as with anything I post about trades and rumors, take this for what it’s worth but most of all only read what is actually written.

Nothing has been set in motion necessarily. I’m not reporting that any kind of a deal has been made with San Francisco nor am I implying that this would be for only these players or even both of them. Could be neither, if something happens at all. I’m just reporting a set of circumstances which could maybe lead to something…maybe.

Enjoy your Tuesday. I hope to be back with more later this evening.


    • Brewer Nation

      You can maybe get a good bullpen arm in a package for Hart, but the bullpen can also be rebuilt over the offseason like last year’s pen was mostly built in the first place.

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