Milwaukee Brewers Uniform Number History: #7

Wondering who wore a certain uniform number all-time for the Milwaukee Brewers?

The Brewer Nation has got you covered. If you found this list on its own, head back here for the full repository after checking out this one.


Russ Snyder (’70)
Danny Walton (’71)
Frank Tepedino (’71)
Ron Clark (’72)
Syd O’Brien (’72)
Don Money (’73-’83)
Paul Householder (’85-’86)
Dale Sveum (’86-’91)
Dave Valle (’94)
Danny Perez (’96)
Brian Banks (’96-’98)
Sean Berry (’99-’00)
Tony Fernandez (’01)
Alex Sanchez (’01-’02)
Eric Young (’02-’03)
J.J. Hardy (’05-’09)
Chris Dickerson (’10)
Jeremy Reed (’11)
Felipe Lopez (’11)
Norichika Aoki (’12-’13)
Mark Reynolds (’14)
Logan Schafer (’15)
Colin Walsh (’16)
Jake Elmore (’16-Current)


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  2. Mike Anderson

    I believe Danny Walton switched from #12 to #7 for the start of the 1971 season. Then he was traded to the Yankees for Tepedino, who then assumed Danny’s #7.

  3. Len Robinson

    #7 Paul Householder – One of the best in hitters in baseball at the end of the ’85 season (September 1985). Think he went yard 8 or 9 times that month. One of my favorite players growing up. Bamby should have given him a little more time at the beginning of the 1986 season. That guy should have been in the big leagues longer than he was. No doubt about it.

  4. Lenny

    Don Money was a good ballplayer for many years and the fans in Milwaukee really loved him. I was a huge fan of “Housey” Paul Householder fan growing up. George Bamberger finally woke at the tail end of the 1985 season and realized he had one hell of a hitter in Householder. Paul went nuts the end of the season when he was finally given a chance to play everyday again. He did so well at the end of the 85 season that he was in the starting lineup at DH the following year. Started off cold and Bamby gave up on him way too soon. Hands down, one of the coolest guys in the league at the time. My Father, brother and I would occasionally give him a ride back to the hotel when the Brewers would play the Angels. He is the only player / celebrity that I have ever really looked up to. He’s a good dude.

    Lenny Robinson
    Topeka, Kansas

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